California RINOS to Meet this Weekend


Well, this group are NOT Teddy Roosevelt and/or Hiram Johnson, that is a fact.

They are meeting this weekend in Monterey, California and all of the moderate (should I say left-leaning) Republicans will be speaking. Here is their Facebook Page.

This weekend will be the beginning of the political comeback of MainstreamRepublicans in California.Our focus during the weekend will be on the Impacts of Redistricting, OpenPrimaries and the Election in 2012. We will also discuss the 2012 CRP Party Platform, the California Republican Party’s poor branding and communication problems and how to fix them. Additionally we will discuss the upcoming September CRP Convention.

Many special guests are being confirmed and candidates that are GOP Reformers will be invited and have the opportunity to seek the support of our attendees.

How do you spell RINO (Republican in Name Only)?


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