Will ANY California Republican State Senators Support Online Sales Tax Proponents to Invalidate Amazon.com Sponsored Online Sales Tax Referendum?


It is difficult to say at this time, but my Sacramento sources tell me that the California GOP Senators that Jerry Brown worked over the State Budget debacle (to obtain a 2/3’rds vote and political cover) are in the cross hairs of Wal-Mart, plus California Democrats, who want to screw over Amazon.com and California taxpayers. Remember when the original Amazon Tax Bill came through the California Legislature NOT one Republican Legislator voted for it in the Senate.

So, who are these GOP Senators who might FLIP?

One who is mentioned is outgoing Senate Republican Caucus leader Bob Huff. He has said he “could be open to supporting the measure.”

How about giving this California Legislator a few phone calls, e-mails and faxes telling him that we California voters do NOT want this tax increase. His contact information is here.

Senator Huff is finishing his first term as a California State Senator, having served previously in the California Assembly. Huff will be up for re-election in 2012 and all Senate districts have been reapportioned this year.

Let your voice be heard Californians. Tell Senator Bob Huff to just say NO to this end around by left-wing Democrats and Wal-Mart.

The other California GOP Senators that are “SQUISHY” or are being lobbied to FLIP on the Amazon Tax are:

  1. Senator Tom Berryhill
  2. Senator Sam Blakeslee
  3. Senator Anthony Cannella
  4. Senator Bill Emmerson – Senator Emmerson is also an orthodontist.
  5. Senator Tom Harman

So, light up the phones of these California Legislators. Tell them to just vote NO on internet sales taxes. Tell them no more supporting the games of left-wing Democrats and Jerry Brown.

Remember Wal-Mart and the Democrats will need three (3) GOP Republican senators to FLIP in order to pass this last minute legislation. And, two (2) in the California Assembly. The Senate vote is first and will likely be tomorrow.

Light up the phones, Californians.


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