Poll Watch: Two-thirds of Californians Support the Death Penalty


The newly renovated San Quentin Prison Death Chamber

According to the latest California Field Poll.

About two-thirds of Californians support the death penalty, according to Field Poll survey results released Thursday.

The level of support — 68% — remains at about the same level as it has for the last few years, but is down from the 1980s and early 1990s, when 80% or more of California voters responding in the poll said they supported the death penalty.

Republicans were far more likely than Democrats to support keeping the death penalty — 81% versus 57%.

Those who identified themselves as liberals were the only subgroup in which more respondents supported doing away with the death penalty than keeping it, with 49% saying it should be abolished and 46% in favor of keeping it.

Although most respondents said they did not want to abolish the death penalty, many saw life in prison as a preferred alternative.

When asked what penalty they personally would prefer for someone convicted of first-degree murder, 48% said life in prison without parole, while 40% opted for death.

That shows a change in views since 2000, when 44% of respondents said they would prefer the death penalty and 37% opted for life in prison.

In California, the state has not executed anyone for over five years and the families of victims of murder continue to await justice. But, the LEFT continues to push the anti-death penalty crap.

Abolition of the death penalty won’t happen now and won’t happen in California in the near future.

But, whether California Jerry Brown allows any executions during his term of office is anyone’s guess.

I would say it won’t happen.

No justice YET for Terri Lynn Winchell.

Terri Lynn Winchell left home on the last night of her life in January 1981 to help a boy she knew hated her.

That’s just the way she was, friends and family said. Good-hearted. A devout believer in turning the other cheek, in giving people a second chance.

But this was a chance she should not have given.

By the end of the evening, the 17-year-old church choir singer and high school beauty lay raped, hammered and stabbed to death, her corpse sprawled between two rows of grapevines.

She had no inkling of it, but she had been caught in the middle of a love triangle gone hideously bad. Her boyfriend, unbeknownst to her, had been involved in a gay relationship with another man — whose jealousy drove him to recruit a street thug who would take Winchell out of the picture.

Terri Lynn Winchell


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