California GOP Should Go After SB 202


The future of the California GOP is not saving a California State Senate District for Flap’s friend, Senator Tony Strickland – rather in overturning SB 202.

When Gov. Jerry Brown recently signed a bill to move all voter-generated initiatives to November ballots, Republicans responded with a fury that suggested their political world had been turned upside down.

Senate GOP leader Bob Dutton, well aware that the fall electorate tends to be larger and more liberal, called it a “blatant power grab” by public employee unions.

Assembly GOP leader Connie Conway claimed it took away “a power reserved to the people.” And prominent Sacramento attorney Tom Hiltachk filed a referendum aimed at overturning SB 202 on the day Brown signed it.

Now, in the latest indication of the growing feebleness of the California Republican Party, the GOP may be forced to abandon the referendum because it can’t even afford a signature-gathering campaign to put it on the ballot.

“This has to come together in the next week or two,” said Hiltachk, who needs to gather more than 500,000 valid signatures by Jan. 5, which will cost at least $2 million. “It’s ready to go.”

Hiltachk believes it’s crucial for Republicans to overturn the law because they’re about to lose one of their last remaining levers of power in California, the June primary — a political battleground Republicans have used to tap into a smaller, typically more conservative electorate to press for a broader agenda than they can otherwise seek in a Democratic-dominated state.

The California GOP has such a minority in the California Legilsature, the only check on Dempcratic Party and public employee union power is by holding the Governorship or a June Primary election where the GOP usually shows up and the Democrats don’t.

Unless a campaign cash angel shows up soon, it appears the misplaced priority of the California GOP will allow SB 202 take effect and the concomitant effects which help the Democrats even more.

Let’s hope someone steps up and funds the sgnature gathering.


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