Sacramento Power Restaurants Cash in on Politics


The Sacramento Bee has the list.

More than 500 times in the last three years, Chops restaurant – just steps from the doors of the Capitol – played host to a political occasion.

From after-work fundraising receptions to power lunches, the restaurant was the top beneficiary of spending from campaign accounts.

While it took in more than most – $382,000 – Chops had company. Spataro Restaurant and Bar, the Sutter Club, Ella Dining Room & Bar, Esquire Grill and the Firehouse all pulled in plenty of money from the Capitol crowd.

So, if you are in Sacramento and want to mingle with the mover and shakers of California government/politics, you now know where they will probably be eating/drinking. I have been to a number of them and I have to admit, they are always power charged events. Food at most of them is good, too.


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