November 9, 2011 archive

Craig Huey to Run for Office in 2012 – AD 66?


This will probably be the race for Craig in 2012. Always the marketer, Crig in the video above is trying to create the buzz.

But, the other Congressional Districts which Huey references in the viideo above are very Democratic whereas the California Assembly District 66 is a swing district with NO incumbent.

Here is the map:

Note that Craig lives within the district and that last year’s Congressional race against Rep. Janice Hahn overlaps the district. With almost a $ 1 million in advertising spent last year during his special election Congressional race and the concomitant name identification associated with the PR, Huey would have to be regarded as a formidable candidate.

Let’s look at Assembly District 66:

Look for Craig Huey to announce formally soon.

And, good luck, Craig!