Nov 10 2011

Occupy Protest Movement to Focus on New Year’s Rose Parade?


Apparently so.

An activist who helped expand the Occupy Wall Street movement to Los Angeles is setting his sights on new territory: Pasadena’s Rose Parade.

“Everything is not coming up roses,” said Peter Thottam, an Occupy L.A. organizer who has launched OccupytheRoseParade.org to call for an economic justice rally at the Jan. 2, 2012, celebration. The Rose Parade is expected to draw nearly a million spectators to Pasadena streets as well as tens of millions of TV viewers around the world.

“The America that’s existed during the bulk of Rose Parades has really been torn apart over the last three years by the unemployment problem, wealth polarization and the middle class shrinking,” Thottam told the Pasadena Sun.

I don’t think folks will be too happy about this demonstration and the Pasadena cops WILL clear the area.

Saul Alinsky at his finest……

  • Anonymous

    Finally, something to spice up the parade and to get some serous media attention on the real problems facing everybody.  Sick of this over militarized extravaganza.  It gets more and more corporate every year with mroe and more banks.  Nice collection of videos on the website.  I just saw the film that all these occupiers keep touting.  It rings so true.  I hope they can get people from across the country to join.  

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