Ventura County Fire Chief Bob Roper Announces for Ventura County Supervisor


The announcement was yesterday and Roper is being supported by many in the Ventura County Republican establishment, including former Ventura County District Attorney Micheal Bradbury.

Ventura County Fire Chief Bob Roper is testing the political waters.

When Chief Roper learned that Supervisor Steve Bennett would not seek re-election, Roper decided to run for First District Supervisor.

Roper made the announcement at the Ventura County Government Center surrounded by high profile Republicans.

Roper’s initlial website is here and I was told from a high ranking Ventura County Republican official that he is currently assembling a campaign team.

This seat will be a valuable pick up for the County Republican Party since Democrats now control the Board of Supervisors, 3-2. However, the position is non-partisan.


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