AD-38: Scott Wilk Receives the Endorsement of California Young Republicans


From the press release.

Republican Assembly candidate Scott Wilk has received the endorsement of the California Young Republican Federation, the statewide Young Republican organization representing thousands of Young Republicans from chapters throughout California.  The statewide endorsement follows the already strong endorsement of the Ventura County Young Republicans and San Fernando Valley Young Republicans CYRF chapters.

“The fight for the future of our state affects the next generation more than anyone and I am committed to fighting for the things that need to get done to change the direction of our state,” said Wilk.  “I’m not running because I don’t want to pay 10 cents for a grocery bag, I’m running to tackle the big challenges ahead like balancing our budget, and reforming the way the state taxes and regulates business.  We need someone ready to do the heavy lifting that will create jobs and make California the ‘Golden State’ again.”

“Scott Wilk has fought in the trenches of the conservative movement for decades,” said CYRF Executive Director Ashley Ingram.  “We know we can count on him because we’ve worked along side him and seen him in action.  He is the kind of can-do leader we need, not just a seat warmer.  The Young Republicans are proud to stand with him and will work hard to insure his election.”

It seems like Scott Wilk is racking up the endorsements of local and statewide Republican organizations.

In case you missed it
, incumbent Assemblyman Cameron Smyth who is rumored to be running for a California State Senate seat for the Thousand Oaks area (replacing Senator tony Strickland who is running for Congress) will be featured at a fundraising event for Scott Wilk on Saturday.


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