CA-30: Sen Barbara Boxer Endorses Rep Howard Berman


Rep. Howard Berman

California Senator Barbara Boxer has entered the Democratic Party intra-fight in the San Fernando Valley by endorsing Rep. Howard Berman.

U.S. Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-California) has decided to endorse Rep. Howard Berman (D-Valley Village) in his bruising intraparty fight with Rep. Brad Sherman (D-Sherman Oaks) for a newly drawn San Fernando Valley congressional district seat.

In a letter  to Berman dated Monday, Boxer said she was abandoning her position of neutrality because of a mailer the Sherman campaign sent out which Boxer said “outrageously tries to connect you to the San Bruno tragedy.”

The Sherman campaign sent the mailer to call attention to an independent expenditure by a PG&E, which has contributed $10,000 to support Berman.  PG&E is operating as a “super PAC” — a corporate campaign organization that can spend unlimited amounts for or against candidates so long as they do not coordinate with the candidate they are supporting.  At least one other super PAC has contributed to elect Berman.

Sherman has urged Berman to sign a pledge aimed at neutralizing Super PACs, which Sherman expects to play a big role helping reelect Berman over himself.  Berman so far  has ignored Sherman’s entreaty to “sign the pledge.”

The mailer refers to 2010’s PG&E pipeline explosion in San Bruno that killed eight people, injured others and leveled homes.  “Instead of spending money to make their pipelines safer, PG&E is donating to a Super Pac set up to elected Congressman Howard Berman,” the mailer says.

California’s senior Senator Democrat Dianne Feinstein has already endorsed Rep. Berman.

One has to wonder at this point whether Rep. Brad Sherman may be reconsidering his decision to not move to Thousand Oaks or Oak Park and run in CA-26?


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    • George on February 24, 2012 at 8:55 am

    If Brad isn’t reconsidering his move to CD-26, he should.  Especially, after the endorsement from the Humane Society.  They’re press release basically made the case why Brad Sherman will not be able to win this fight (he got out earlier but there is still more than 3 long months ahead and Congressman Berman is closing the gap…and quickly).  Anyhow, here are two quotes from the Humane Society press release:

    -“While both Berman and Rep. Brad Sherman have outstanding
    records on animal welfare issues, HSLF gave the nod to Berman because of his
    exceptional ability to move legislation and work with other leaders in

    -Rep. Sherman also has had nearly an unblemished record on
    animal protection issues, and HSLF is grateful to him for his support. Added
    Pacelle, “Endorsing Berman over Sherman was a tough decision, but on the
    issue of influence and leadership, there are few people in Congress like Howard
    Berman.” I know Brad thought he got out the gate so early Congressman Berman would be left in his spoke.  Well, it appears those who have chosen to endorse him in the past week think otherwise…

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