Calbuzz Co-Blogger Jerry Roberts May Finally Have Beaten Wendy McCaw


Jerry Roberts

You know I am a closet Calbuzz reader, since Jerry and his partner Phil Trounstine write from the LEFT of center. But, I do enjoy their posts and gives me perspective as a center-right California blogger. Besides that they are OLD, like me.

Anyway, it appears Jerry Roberts may have finally won some money for his troubles with Wendy McCaw and the Santa Barbara News-Press.

We’re in the sixth year since Wendy McCaw plundered the lives of her Santa Barbara News-Press staff, ruined a pretty good newspaper and then, incredibly, sued ex-editor Jerry Roberts for $25 million he didn’t have as a working journalist. McCaw is rich and never had any hope of collecting a cent from Roberts, so her attacks on his integrity always smelled a lot like harassment of Roberts, who has reeked of integrity ever since he and other newsroom leaders resigned in 2006 over the ethics of McCaw and her cronies. McCaw’s expensive legal gymnastics have been rejected at every step. Now today, finally, a California State Court of Appeal has affirmed an arbitrator’s ruling that McCaw owes Roberts $900,000 for all the crap she has put him through.

Some better times ahead for Jerry.

There is more of the story here and here.

Boy, do I hate rich bullies…..


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