AD-38: House Spouse Patricia McKeon Makes Out Good from Husband’s Campaign Account


Rep. Buck McKeon and his wife, Patricia, a candidate for California Assembly

Here is a follow up from Roll Call to a post I made yesterday on the amount of money Patricia McKeon has made from her husband’s Rep. Buck McKeon’s Congressional campaign account.

Several House lawmakers have made their spouses and other relatives the highest-paid workers on their campaigns over the past few years.

During the past four and a half years, these relatives have collectively received millions in salaries, fees and bonuses, according to a CQ MoneyLine study of campaign finance records.

It all appears legal, but some people question whether this spending is ethical or even a good investment of donated money in modern elections.

Rep. Buck McKeon (R-Calif.) leads the pack in payments to his spouse. Since 2007, McKeon has reported disbursements to his wife, Patricia, topping $264,000, including a bonus of $4,600 in January 2007. Her compensation more than doubles the salary of the next-highest-paid employee on McKeon’s campaign and does not include thousands in reimbursements for food, travel and other expenses.

In response to Roll Call’s query, McKeon said in a statement, “Patricia gets paid by the campaign as a senior staff member for handling multiple critical elements and roles of the operation and bringing roughly 20 years of experience to the table.”

The fact is the McKeon’s have been “double dipping” for years.

Rep. Buck McKeon gets his Congressional salary of around $175,000 per year, collecting campaign contributions from special interests who are trying to influence legislation and then paying his wife from his collected pool of contributions.

Pretty good work, if you can get it, no?

Here is the chart:

The amount is: $263,168 for Patricia McKeon

Now, Buck wants to use these same political contributors to fund his wife’s campaign for the California State Assembly.

So, she can win political office, collect her $96,000 a year public salary and repeat the cycle.

See in California, if you know how to work the system, you can make out pretty good drinking from the public trough.

California voters should just say NO to both of these POLS.


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