March 8, 2012 archive

AD-38: Scott Wilk and Edward Headington Officially File For California Assembly


Santa Clarita Community College Trustee Scott Wilk

Republican Scott Wilk and Democrat Edward Headington officially filed for AD-38 today.

They will likely face off against Republicans Patricia McKeon and Paul Strickland.

The elections deadline is tomorrow at 5 PM and the field will be set.


AB-38: Scott Wilk Hyping Santa Clarita Valley Republican Assembly Weekend Straw Poll


The Santa Clarita Valley Republican Assembly weekend Straw Poll will be this weekend.

More information and a downloadable ballot is available here.


SD-19: Republican Mike Stoker to Run for California State Senate


Mitt Romney and Mike Stoker in January of this year

There has been speculation for many months that former Santa Barabara County Supervisor Mike Stoker would run for California state Senate. He announced his candidacy yesterday.

From the steps of the Santa Barbara County Courthouse Sunken Garden yesterday, former county supervisor Mike Stoker declared he’s running for the State Senate in the upcoming June primary race.

“The road to change the status quo in Sacramento starts here in Santa Barbara,” he said.

Standing in front of more than 50 supporters, Stoker also compared California’s debt-laden government to a sinking ship. (…)

After he finished reading from his prepared statement, Stoker passed the microphone to those who flanked him.

Among them were State Senator Tony Strickland and Santa Barbara City Councilman Frank Hotchkiss.

Stoker, a Republican, will face Santa Barbara Democrat former Assemblywoman Hannah-Beth Jackson and Oxnard Democrat Firefighter and Oxnard Harbor District Commissioner Jason Hodge in the June Primary Top Two election.

53 per cent of SD-19 is in Ventura County and includes the City of Camarillo where Stoker was raised and where his parents continue to reside.

This should be a very lively race, especially with the Democrat on Democrat machinations.


SD-27: Republican Marine Lt. Colonel and LA County Prosecutor to Run for California State Senate


From the Todd Zink campaign website

With California June Primary election deadline looming, a Republican has finally stepped forward to challenge incumbent Democrat State Senator Fran Pavley of Agoura Hills. The candidate is Russell Todd Zink, a Westlake Village resident and Los Angeles County Deputy District Attorney. Zink is also a Lt Colonel in the United States Marine Reserve and has served in Afghanistan.

Zink’s campaign biography is here.

Todd Zink is a husband, father, decorated Marine Corps officer, and an accomplished Deputy District attorney with a long record of service to our community and country.

Todd Zink followed in his father’s footsteps as a military officer by earning a scholarship in the Naval ROTC program at the University of Southern California. Upon graduation, Todd was immediately commissioned as a 2nd Lieutenant in the U.S. Marine Corps. He became an infantry officer and a graduate of Ranger, Combat Dive, and Airborne Schools.

As an active duty Marine in Encino, he lived in Thousand Oaks and did community outreach events in the San Fernando and Conejo Valleys at schools, in cities and with small businesses.

After completing his active duty service, Todd pursued a law degree at Loyola Law School, attending class in the evenings while working full-time in the pharmaceutical and biopharma sales industries, and serving in the Marine Corps Reserves.

A few months after 9-11, Todd’s reserve company from Port Hueneme in Ventura County was activated as part of Operation Iraqi Freedom and became part of the only reserve infantry battalion to take part in the march to Baghdad. During this operation he orchestrated close air support missions in the push to Baghdad.

Shortly after his return from Iraq, Todd was selected as a Deputy District Attorney for the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office. Todd’s work on behalf of the People of Los Angeles County included serving the communities of Compton, Beverly Hills, Sylmar, San Fernando and Van Nuys, where he is currently assigned to the prosecution of serious and violent felony offenders in the San Fernando Valley. He is an accomplished trial attorney who has been recognized by Super Lawyer Magazine as a “Rising Star” in 2005-07 and 2009.

A fresh-faced and an accomplished Republican politician for Los Angeles and Ventura County is a noteworthy event. I suppose it is time for a new generation of leadership.

Zink’s LinkedIn profile is here.

Stay tuned as I cover California Senate District 27 which contains my home in Thousand Oaks.

Todd Zink and family (2008). Photo: Facebook


Poll Watch: California Governor Jerry Brown’s Tax Increase Proposal in Trouble


California Governor Jerry Brown addressing the California Democratic Party in San Diego last month

Jerry Brown’s tax increase measure for the November ballot is not polling well.

Even though most Californians think the budget remains a big problem, just a slim majority of likely voters say they support Gov. Jerry Brown’s proposed tax initiative for the November ballot, according to a survey released Wednesday by the Public Policy Institute of California.

Using the Democratic governor’s ballot title and summary for the first time, the poll found 52 percent of likely voters support temporarily raising the state sales tax and income tax on high-wage earners while 40 percent oppose doing so. Another 8 percent said they are undecided. That’s a drop from past surveys, which found majority support for his plan to temporarily raise taxes. PPIC found Brown’s proposal had 68 percent support in January, before the ballot language was finished.

Brown estimated that California faces a $9.2 billion deficit in the 2012-2013 fiscal year, which begins July 1, and has called for closing that shortfall with a near equal balance of spending cuts and the temporary tax increases he wants voters to approve in November. Most of the additional revenue from his tax initiative would go to K-12 education.

“A slim majority support Gov. Brown’s proposed tax initiative,” said Mark Baldassare, president and CEO of the Public Policy Institute. “Of those who plan to vote against it, most also say that their local governments have been affected a lot by recent state budget cuts and they would prefer to deal with the gap mainly through spending cuts.”

As I have said before, many of my friends in the Democratic stronghold of Los Angeles County feel the State of California must manage their tax money better and are leery of ANY tax increases. They say that all POLS claim an increase in taxes is temporary and then never repealed.

Also, the California economy is not well and people simply just don’t have the money to be spent on prisons and social welfare programs.

In many ways, California taxpayers are tired of being lied to and are tapped out. There is tax increase fatigue.

Brown’s measure may eek out a small victory in November, but with President Obama easily winning the popular vote some likely voters for this measure may never make it to the polls to vote.