AD-38: College of the Canyons Associated Student Government to Host 38th Assembly Candidate Forum – Patricia McKeon Declines


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And, guess what?

Assembly candidate Patricia McKeon and Paul Strickland have refused the invitation from the College of the Canyons students.

From the press release:

The Associated Student Government (ASG) at College of the Canyons is inviting all students and community members to a public candidate forum of the four individuals seeking election to California’s 38th Assembly District seat this November.

The ASG sponsored candidate forum will take place from 6 to 8 p.m. Tuesday, March 27, in the College of the Canyons cafeteria, located in the Valencia campus’ Student Center.

This event is free and open to the public and offers a chance for local voters to ask questions and make their voices heard in front of the pool of candidates that could potentially be serving as this region’s elected representative at the state level.

The forum will begin with each candidate delivering an opening statement, before being asked to answer several pre-formulated questions that will be directed toward all participants.

Members of the audience will then be able to submit questions that will be directed to the candidates by forum mediator and Santa Clarita Community College District (SCCCD) student trustee, Nick Onyshko.

To conclude the evening, candidates will have an opportunity to meet with attendees.

An invitation has been extended to each of the four candidates in the 38th Assembly District race: Edward Headington (D); Patricia McKeon (R); Paul Strickland (R); and Scott Wilk (R).

At this time Edward Headington and Scott Wilk have both indicated that they will be participating in this candidate forum. Paul Strickland and Patricia McKeon have each declined the invitation.

The ASG is the representative voice of the students at College of the Canyons, and is the student organization responsible for coordinating social, cultural, educational and service programs for the campus.

This is unbelievable that two candidates will pass on a public forum/debate.

How can you possibly run for office and be a no show? On a Tuesday night, no less.

Anyone wish to bet that they both reconsider and show up?


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  1. Thanks for shining a light on the debate Flap.  Paul has a family commitment that takes him out of town (from what I’ve been told) but I have no idea why the Congressman’s wife would decline.  Maybe there’s another 805 Tea Party gig or its Defense Contractor Fundraising night.  Whatever the case, this is being put on by the students from one of the true gems of higher education.  I say that if the Lincoln Club debate was good enough for her on Friday, then so should be going before the young people of our district to explain her positions and vision for California this Tuesday.

  1. […] that candidates in the 38th District California Assembly race will have to ask Patricia – if she ever shows up to debate. […]

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