Today is the First Pre-Election Campaign Receipts and Expenditure Deadline for the California June Primary Election


Scott Lay of Around the Capitol and the Nooner reminds us all.

Today is the first pre-election filing deadline for state candidates, where contributions and expenditures from January 1 through March 17 must be reported. The next federal deadline is April 15, for the period January 1 through March 31.  Since we’re already in the 24-hr required reporting cycle for state candidates of and contributions over $1,000, don’t expect any huge surprises in terms of cash.

You can watch the stream of reports coming in on the Secretary of State’s website. I will do the filing period update for ElectionTrack around 6pm and 9pm, which will feed the contributions, expenditures and cash on hand figures for candidates on the AroundTheCapitol district pages.

The deadline, however, does not apply to the tax and other ballot measures that will potentially be on the November ballot. So, we won’t find out how much of the governor’s $3.7 million raised for the tax measure was spent on the original measure until April 30.

I will be camped out tonight or early tomorrow AM to see what is happening in AD-38 (Patricia McKeon Vs. Scott Wilk et. al.). The report should be revealing, especially if McKeon has, as I suspect, raised a disproportionate amount of money due to her husband’s defense contractor connections in the Congress.

Almost important will be CA-24 Congressional seat but we will have to wait a few more weeks for the federal reports.

Scott does a great job with his sites and they are not even his primary job!

Stay tuned…..


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    • Merit Man on March 27, 2012 at 1:24 pm

    It’s pretty fricken obvious who will do the work of the people of the 38th Assembly District and who will do the work of Defense Contractors in Washington D.C. I do lobbying in Sacramento and D.C. These plays are as similar as Mars is from Venus (both uninhabitable but for different reasons). 

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