AD-38: Scott Wilk and Edward Headington Face Off at COC Forum – Patricia McKeon a No Show


Democrat Edward Headington (L) and Republican Scott Wilk (R)

The big story is not the forum, but the fact that Republicans Patricia McKeon and Paul Strickland were no where to be found.

People arriving at the College of the Canyons on Tuesday night to hear two candidates debate for the 38th District Assembly seat didn’t find a one-on-one political slugfest of the issues as many expected but, instead, agreement on just about all of them.

What shaped up earlier in the week as a mano-a-mano contest between two contenders — Scott Wilk, the Republican, versus Edward Headington, the Democrat — sounded more like the coming-out of two running mates on the same platform.

Headington used the phrase “I agree with Scott” at least eight times in response to questions.

And, although he used his opponent’s name only once in agreeing with him, Wilk said he had nothing to add to the points made my Headington.

Both candidates, however, criticized the two candidates absent from the debate — Patricia McKeon, wife of Congressman Howard “Buck” McKeon, R-Santa Clarita, and William S. Hart High School District board member Paul Strickland.

When both of the candidates attendance were asked to give their top three priorities, each cited job creation, education and public safety.

It was not a very well attended forum or debate -as most of these type events never are. But, the fact that two other Republican candidates did not make the effort to attend or send a surrogate to stand in for them is noteworthy.

I understand there will be another forum on Friday – which, of course, will receive even less news coverage.

It is difficult to encourage voters in our democratic process, when even the candidates don’t show up to discuss the issues.


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