Apr 16 2012

AD-38: California State Senator Tony Strickland Endorses Patricia McKeon for Assembly


Republican Assembly candidate Patricia McKeon, wife of Rep. Buck McKeon, Chairman of the House Armed Services Committee and Simi Valley GOP Activist/Consultant Steve Frank attending Tony Strickland’s Congressional candidacy announcement

Tony Strickland who once endorsed Republican College of the Canyons Trustee Scott Wilk, but then later withdrew or should I say pressured Wilk to release his endorsement, has decided to endorse Patricia McKeon.

State Sen. Tony Strickland, R-Moorpark, is endorsing Patricia McKeon in her bid for state Assembly, a spokesman for her campaign team revealed today.

“Tony Strickland has endorsed Patricia,” Joe Justin, of the McKeon camp said Monday.

Strickland, who in January declared his candidacy for the newly drawn 26th Congressional District seat, is expected to formally announce the endorsement later today.

This is interesting that Joe Justin is making the announcement since he is the paid political consultant for Tony Strickland AND Patricia McKeon rather than Strickland making it himself.

I don’t think this will play so well in CA-26 where Strickland although having a fundraising advantage is facing a tough general election race against either Democrat Assemblywoman Julia Brownley or independent (no party preference) Linda Parks.

Might I note that the Ventura County Republican Party has overwhlemingly endorsed Scott Wilk in this assembly race.

And, I don’t think Strickland’s older mentor, Rep.Tom McClintock who has endorsed Scott Wilk and will be fundraising soon for him will be too pleased with this turn of events. In fact, I have already heard from a few Republican activists in CA-26 who are considering voting for Linda Parks.

Stay tuned as the heat in this intra-GOP squabble is sure to heat up.