Apr 17 2012

AD-38: Scott Wilk Signs Americans for Tax Reform’s Taxpayer Protection Pledge


From the press release:

Vowing to never vote for new and higher taxes on hard working California families, conservative Scott Wilk signed the Americans for Tax Reform “Taxpayer Protection Pledge”.

“Wilk has committed to protecting California taxpayers by signing the Pledge and encouraging other candidates to sign as well,” said Congressman Tom McClintock.   “He continues to show the political courage necessary to oppose and fight efforts to increase our taxes.” 

“California will never be economically free while we are chained to our present tax structure,” said Wilk.  “The Governor and politicians in Sacramento are wasting too much time trying to find ways to raise taxes, rather than cut spending and every hard-working Californian should pay attention to that on this Tax Day.

Scott Wilk is a longtime resident of the Santa Clarita Valley. He is a husband, father, a small business owner and his life’s work has been serving the public in both behind the scenes capacities and as an elected official. 

Scott has worked as the Chief of Staff for California Assemblymembers Tom McClintock and Paula Boland as well as the District Director for Representative Howard P. “Buck” McKeon. He was recently re-elected to a second term on the Santa Clarita Community College Board of Trustees after being appointed in 2006 and elected in 2007.

I have known Scott for decades and he is as conservative as his former boss Rep. Tom McClinotck, especially on tax policy.