Dr. La Donna Porter


Dr. La Donna Porter, No on Prop 29



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  1. Harry Hurst

    LaDonna Porter is nothing but an uppity black woman poachig on the  public. She can’t even run her own fifnaces let alone a medical practise

  2. Dfabiano

    What a sham this lying pig is!  She’s nothing but a sell-out shill for the Tobacco/Cancer industry.

  3. Gregory Flap Cole

     Watch the language and racist comments…

  4. Gregory Flap Cole

     Watch the name calling….

  5. ocseer

    Well, I wont call this ‘doctor’ any names, but she IS a shill for big tobacco.  Can you imagine taking HER advice on your health?  It would be like going to Dr’ Orly Taitz for a root canal!  Scary!

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