AD-38: Scott Wilk Receives Endorsement of the Signal


Democrat Edward Headington (L) and Republican Scott Wilk (R)

Republican Scott Wilk has received yet another endorsement in his race for the California Assembly. This time it is the local Santa Clarita Valley newspaper: The Signal.

Wilk’s knowledge of the issues and workings of Sacramento give him the edge over the other Republican candidates. While other candidates may be ahead in the polls and in fundraising, Wilk is better prepared at this point to engage Sacramento on behalf of the voters and citizens in the 38th Assembly District.

Wilk’s political history in the Santa Clarita Valley is both an asset and a liability. The loudness of both his supporters and detractors is a testament to that. To stay in Sacramento, Wilk will need to transition successfully from the behaviors of a political operative to the visible and more demanding behaviors of an elected legislator.

The editorial board has described our current representative Assemblyman Cameron Smyth, R-Santa Clarita, as a good model for legislators in California. His endorsement of Wilk, based on what he knows is needed in Sacramento, should and does carry weight with us.

It was noteworthy that the local press refused to endorse Patricia Mckeon or her husband the long-time incumbent Republican Congressman for the area, Buck McKeon.

Let’s hope that Scott Wilk can finish in the top two this June. If not, I am afraid that California Republicans will lose a “safe” Republican district to Democrat Edward Headington.

I cannot fathom anyone voting for Patricia McKeon in a general election.


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