May 29 2012

AD-48: Police Report Released for Roger Hernandez DUI Arrest


The typical document dump before a major holiday. But, nevertheless, the details of Democrat Assemblyman Roger Hernandez’s DUI arrrest are too good not to comment.

When Assemblyman Roger Hernandez was stopped on suspicion of drunken driving after pulling into the parking lot of a Concord hotel two months ago, he had a question for the police officer who stopped him.

“I’m here at the hotel and I’m not driving any more, can’t you just let me go?” Hernandez asked, according to a Concord police report of the incident released Friday by Contra Costa Superior Court.

The West Covina Democrat subsequently was arrested on a drunken driving charge, pleaded not guilty, and is scheduled to appear in Superior Court for a pretrial hearing June 20.

Hernandez has apologized for getting behind the wheel after drinking, but he has insisted that he was not impaired. Tests pegged his blood-alcohol level at 0.08 percent, the level at which a motorist can be charged with drunken driving.

The second-year legislator, accompanied by a 29-year-old woman, was stopped by police about 2 a.m. on a weekday, March 27, in a state-owned Toyota Camry. His request to be “let go” came while the officer was asking a series of questions about his plans for the night.

Hernandez told the officer that he was staying at the hotel beside where he was stopped, the Crowne Plaza, but he could not produce a room key. He later said that he did not have a room yet, but planned to get one, the police report said.

So, let’s recap:

  • The police thought California Assemblyman Roger Hernandez was driving impaired because his car was weaving from side to side.
  • Hernandez was in a state-owned car.
  • He was with a 29 year old woman who was with Hernandez at the bar which they frequented to closing at 2 AM.
  • Hernandez asked the officer to let him go and vowed to change the law when he was not given his prescription medication for high blood pressure and memory problems.

And, the June primary election is next week. The question I have will he survive politically after his June 20th hearing or will the Democratic Assembly Caucus seek his resignation?

My bet is that Hernadez is gone by the end of the summer.


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