Jun 07 2012

AD-66: Craig Huey Moves On to November General Election


From the California Secretary of State

My El Segundo High School friend, Craig Huey, has won a top two spot in the California Assembly District 66 November General election.

From the press release:

Longtime South Bay resident, small business owner and Republican Candidate Craig Huey made a strong showing in the newly formed California 66th Assembly District race.

Political pundits and pollsters were pretty confident that the race, featuring one Democrat and two Republicans, would easily go to the Dems – especially in a district with an edge in registered Democratic voters. Huey’s strong finish now positions him in the Assembly District as the front runner in the November general election.

“During the campaign, I have personally met with over 7200 voters and I have told them that I will go to Sacramento and make our government functional again. California needs to focus on job growth, stop wasteful spending and put an end to regulations that are killing jobs,” said Huey from his headquarters in Torrance. “Our deficit is spinning wildly out of control and record numbers of jobs are leaving at a rate that we have never seen in the history of our state. My experience as a job creator, entrepreneur and small business owner for 35 years can help to restore the California Dream.”

Huey’s main focus in this campaign is to bring fiscal responsibility back to Sacramento – to balance the budget, help families keep more of their hard-earned money and encourage entrepreneurs to start companies and create jobs in California.

Results for Tuesday primary are:

  • Craig Huey, (R)     20,939 votes     38.5%
  • Albert Muratsuchi (D)     22,225 votes     40.9%
  • Nathan Mintz (R) 11,170 votes     20.6%

“Craig’s strength in this race is his experience as a job creator, small business owner and his ability to bring people together,” said Vice Mayor of Rancho Palos Verdes Brian Campbell. “With over 2 million jobs leaving this state and no real solutions in sight, we need people like Craig Huey in Sacramento that don’t pander to special interests.”

This is a very competitive Assembly district and the general campaign will be expensive and brutal for both parties and candidates.

Huey who had previously run an unsuccessful campaign against Rep. Janice Hahn (in about the same district) will have to be viewed as the favorite. But, this election will be all about the turnout.

Stay tuned…..

From Craig Huey website


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