Jan 04 2013

California Nurses Association Trying to Stick It To SEIU


California Nurses Association members

This Left-Wing Labor Union Civil War of the California Nurses Association vs. SEIU does not bother me a bit. Both unions are staunch far-left supporters of the California Democratic Party.

Two health care unions are joining forces in a move that could threaten a powerful rival’s dominance and fuel a new round of labor tensions.

The 85,000-member California Nurses Association is forging an alliance with the 10,000-member National Union of Healthcare Workers to form a new union made up entirely of health sector workers.

The alliance announced Thursday renews a bitter rivalry between the nurses’ union and the powerful 2 million-member Service Employees International Union, the nation’s dominant health care union and a major force in Democratic politics.

It also points to a trend that could see unions increasingly compete against each other for a dwindling pool of new members as the ranks of organized labor continue their steady decline. Health care has been one of the few areas of growth for unions in recent years.

About half of the SEIU’s members are in the health care industry. CNA is part of the 185,000-member National Nurses United, the largest nurses’ union in the country.

A top priority for the new alliance is to lure 43,000 unionized workers at Kaiser Permanente in California away from the SEIU and into the new union, to be known as NUHW-CNA and based in Oakland, Calif. That would deprive SEIU of more than $40 million a year in membership dues.

Remember when the CNA followed California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and Republican candidate for Governor Meg Whitman around with their Saul Alinsky ridicule tactics?

Good luck to both unions….not really.


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