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AD-38 Video: Scott Wilk Asks and Receives the Endorsement of the Ventura County Republican Party


Scott Wilk spoke to the Ventura County GOP committee asking them for their “endorsement recommendation”.

Scott Wilk received the endorsement by a 15-3 vote over Patricia McKeon.

What I find most notworthy is that in the video, Wilk reveals that he has been endorsed by Ventura County Supervisor (Simi Valley) Peter Foy and Simi Valley Councilmembers Glen Becerra and Barbara Williamson.


AD-38: Scott Wilk for Assembly Announces More Local Leaders on Campaign Team


After the flap with Senator Tony Strickland the other day, one would think that this would be the end of the story on Scott Wilk’s endorsements. I guess that perception is wrong.

From the press release:

Today, Republican Assembly candidate Scott Wilk announced a growing list of local leaders endorsing his campaign for State Assembly.

Simi Valley City Councilman Glen Becerra, former Simi Valley Mayor Bill Davis, Castaic Lake Water Agency Directors William Pecsi and Peter Kavounas, Whittaker-Bermite Citizens Advisory Committee Chairman Glo Donnelly, and Santa Clarita Valley community leaders Harold and Jacqulyn Peterson have pledged their support to the Wilk for Assembly campaign.

“It’s very exciting to build a coalition of community leaders as important as the one coming together in support of my campaign,” said Wilk.  “I’ve worked very hard in the community and to get this kind of recognition from these leaders is humbling, but also very inspiring.  It makes me work that much harder to continue to deserve their support.”

“The leaders recognize the challenges facing our state and the failures of the state legislature to create an environment that encourages economic growth and job creation,” continued Wilk.  “As a small businessman myself, I recognize the challenges but I also have the experience needed to find solutions to these challenges.”

Wilk’s website is here.

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