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Los Angeles Public Television Icon Huell Howser Has Passed Away


Huell Howser

Huell Howser

I had posted in November that Huell was to retire at the end of the month. And, yes, there were rumors that he was ill.

But, it is now being reported that Huell Howser has passed away. 

California television personality Huell Howser has died at age 67, according to KCET.

Howser, the host of TV’s “California’s Gold,” retired from the show at the end of November. The show was broadcast on public television stations.

Details regarding a cause of death were not immediately available.

Howser moved to Los Angeles in 1981. The Tennessee native worked at a television station in Nashville before serving in the Marine Corps.

He worked at WCBS in New York before moving to LA. “California’s Gold” became the best known of Howser’s magazine-style TV shows about his travels in the state, but he also hosted “Visiting with Huell Howser,” “Road Trip with Huell Howser” and other programs.

May he rest in peace.

Huell will be greatly missed!


Los Angeles Public Television Icon Huell Howser to Retire


Huell HowserHuell Howser

I had no idea that Huell was 67 years old.

He will definitely be missed.

The Sacramento Bee is quoting a staffer at Huell Howser’s production company saying that the folksy aficionado of all things California won’t be making new episodes of “California’s Gold” or other shows. Re-runs will continue, of course. The email, from Ryan Morris, says that “Huell is retiring from making new shows but does not want to make any formal announcements about it.” Well fat chance of that going unnoticed. In fact, if he were to just stop making television and not expect everyone to talk about it a little bit — that would be amazing.

Certainly, he has been the happiest person on California televison for decades.