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CA-30: Will Rep Brad Sherman Move to Ventura County?


Democrat Reps. Howard Berman and Brad Sherman

If Democrat Rep. Brad Sherman is smart and wants to remain in the House, he will.

You see, the disagreement between him and Rep. Howard Berman goes back a few years and they have been redistricted into the same CD.

The new Ventura County Congressional District CA-26 is in turmoil with the retirement of GOP Rep. Elton Gallegly last Friday. There will be no incumbent in this race and the POLS are all scrambling.

No less than 7 candidates have expressed interest in the race, including Ventura County Supervisor Steve Bennett from Ojai, Ventura County Supervisor Linda Parks from Thousand Oaks, California State Senator Tony Strickland who lives in Moorpark, two Democrats from Oxnard, one from Moorpark and one from Westlake Village.

It is rumored that environmentalists and the Ventura Public Employee Unions are pressuring Bennett to drop out of the race in favor of the nominally Republican Linda Parks. They are afraid that Bennett’s Supervisoral seat (Ventura, Ojai) will be lost to a Republican (Ventura County Fire Chief Bob Roper). The special interests are correct.

However, Linda Parks, a slow growth, public employee union loving environmentalist is in the second year of her four year term and has a “free ride.” Parks has pledged to run more as an independent than Democrat or Republican.

But, all of these machinations leave a hole for a Democrat who has some campaign cash to burn and this is where Brad Sherman comes in. He has plenty of money and has represented Thousand Oaks before. His former field staffer is former Thousand Oaks Mayor Larry Horner who is still very popular, particularly in the Westlake Village area.

Can Sherman beat Parks et. al in a top two primary?

I believe he could at least spend his way into a second place finish with either Parks or Strickland making the run off.

I don’t think D.C. Democrats will allow this seat to be contested by an independent and a conservative Republican.

So, when will Sherman make the switch? It will have to be soon – filing closes on March 9.