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AD-38: Scott Wilk Beats Patricia McKeon Moves On to November


From the California Secretary of State

Republican Community College Trustee Scott Wilk has beat back a Republican challenge from Rep. Buck McKeon’s wife, Patricia, to win a top two spot in the November general election. Wilk will face Democrat Edward Headington.

AD-38 is a heavily Republican weighted district and Scott Wilk is the  super favorite to win the seat now occupied by Republican Assmblyman Cameron Smyth.

I have known Scott for many years and I have to congratulate him on a well-run campaign.

Scott Wilk on election night. Photo from Facebook


AD-38: Paul Strickland Is NO Tony Strickland


Well, Paul Strickland the AD-38 Assembly candidate and Wm. S. Hart Union High School District Governing Board is NO conservative California State Senator Tony Strickland.

With many years of community service on various civic ad hoc committees such as co-chair of Hart’s Diversity Committee, Santa Clarita’s Cemex Advisory Committee and the city’s Open Space Committee. Paul also has been an active participant in local issues of interests such as Whittaker-Bermite remediation, high speed rail, and chloride mandates.

Look at Paul Strickland’s left-wing endorsement by the California Teacher’s Association:

And, then there is Paul Strickland’s pseudo-endorsement(or was it?) of the Munger tax increase initiative:

By the way, Tony Strickland is against the Munger massive tax increase initiative.

Paul Strickland is NOT a conservative and NOT Tony Strickland.

AD-38 voters must not be confused and vote for the true conservative in this race: Scott Wilk.


AD-38: Scott Wilk Mailer Makes Clear Who the Candidates Are


Scott Wilk Mailer

Lest there be NO doubt who the REAL Scott Wilk is!

Here is the entire mailer:

Scott Wilk Mailer


AD-38: Senator Tony Strickland Pressured Into Endorsing Patricia McKeon?


Republican candidates for California Assembly Scott Wilk, and Patricia McKeon

I understand from a knowledgeable source that California State Senator and Congressional candidate Tony Strickland will soon endorse Patricia McKeon for California Assembly.

Remember Strickland had originally endorsed Scott Wilk and then withdrew the endorsement because of pressure from Patricia’s husband, Rep. Buck McKeon.

It is reasonable to believe that the reason Strickland is endorsing Patricia McKeon is that there has been more pressure from husband, Congressman Buck.

Also, I understand that Patricia McKeon’s internal polling is showing her a loser to Wilk.

Looks like a little bit of a desperation move to me.

It really doesn’t reflect too well on Tony Strickland either.


AD-38: Santa Clarita Republican Women Bring GOP Candidates Together for Forum


Republican Assembly Candidates: Scott Wilk, Patricia McKeon and Paul Strickland

Voters in California Assembly District 38 will be able to see all of the Republican candidates in an open forum.

The Santa Clarita Republican Women Federated will host a Republican candidates’ forum for the 38th Assembly District race on April 17.

The three Republican contenders for the position – Scott Wilk, Paul Strickland and Patricia McKeon – are expected for the forum.

This will be a luncheon meeting and be held from 10:30 AM until 1 PM. The forum will be held at the Paseo Club.

For information, call 661-310-0920 or e-mail: