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AD-38: Scott Wilk Mailer Makes Clear Who the Candidates Are


Scott Wilk Mailer

Lest there be NO doubt who the REAL Scott Wilk is!

Here is the entire mailer:

Scott Wilk Mailer


AD-38: West Ranch Beacon Endorses Scott Wilk for Assembly


Scott Wilk

College of the Canyons Trustee and Republican Assembly Candidate Scott Wilk

I suppose you would call this an endorsement of Scott Wilk, but the negatives on Patricia McKeon are also too numerous.to overlook.

In any election it is important to look at the candidates with as much objectivity as possible. To step back and look at the qualifications of the candidates and determine whether each candidate has the experience, the education, and the sheer wherewithal to actually uphold the responsibilities of the office they are running for. We as voters have to take this seriously; we must have some interest in understanding that the individual we vote for has the qualities to fully represent us in that office. The candidate must, without hesitation, be able to understand the issues that are important, not only to the constituents, but to the larger picture of the state or national arena. That candidate must be able to do so by reaching across the aisle to build bi-partisan cooperation.

There are four individuals running for the 38th District State Assembly seat, three Republicans; Patricia McKeon, Paul Strickland, and Scott Wilk, and one Democrat; Edward Headington. The one that stands out as least qualified is Patricia McKeon.

Over the last several months, Mrs. McKeon has made one misstep after another that has highlighted the obvious fact that she neither has a grasp of the issues nor does she have the political chops to represent the 38th District in Sacramento. I am not saying this lightly or to be “mean” but rather to lay out the fact that Patricia McKeon has shown us, herself, that she lacks the basic skills to be able to execute the responsibilities of the state assembly office.

The most egregious example that I can point to is a candidate forum that was held in mid-April in which Patricia was asked a question regarding managing revenue with the impact of ballot initiatives. With a deer-in-the-headlights look on her face she said; “I have no idea!”

I don’t believe that is at all an acceptable answer. It is completely fine to not have an answer to that question! But at a candidate forum, the very least Mrs. McKeon could have told the voter was that she did not have enough information to answer the question at that time and would be happy to get back to the person at a later date. The fact that she didn’t do that shows me that not only does she not have enough working knowledge of state issues but she does not have the political skills to navigate difficult situations.

“I have no idea!”
When Patricia McKeon uttered those four words she basically defined her candidacy. Couple that with several of her stilted appearances, especially the one at the Simi Valley Tea Party forum, with the fact that she has not held any elected office before, appeared to have plagiarized on her Facebook page, and it all adds up to a very inexperienced candidate. We don’t need to elect a seat warmer or someone that will be getting on the job training.

I have known Scott Wilk for decades and would vote for him without any hesitation, if I lived in this Santa Clarita Valley based Assembly District.

Patricia McKeon is inexperienced, never held public office and is ethically challenged having taken many thousands of dollars in salary from her husband Congressman Buck McKeon’s campaign. This is viewed by many as a political payoff for her husband’s influence in the Congess.

Santa Clarita Valley voters have a choice in June – a clear choice – to vote for Scott Wilk.


AD-38: Santa Clarita Patriots Endorse Scott Wilk for California Assembly


SCV Patriots

The Tea Party organization, Santa Clarita Valley Patriots has endorsed Scott Wilk for California Assembly.

Here is the vote:

A pretty definitive endorsement.

Note the Democrat Edward Headington received more votes than Republican wife of Rep. Buck McKeon, Patricia McKeon.



AD-38: Patricia and Rep. Buck McKeon Still Trying to Shut Down Critical Blog


Really Patricia? Blog Screenshot

What a shocker – NOT!

Patricia Mckeon is trying to shut me down?

It’s been no secret that the Mckeons hate this blog. They have actively been trying to silence me for some time now. This is no longer just an opinion, but a matter of fact. First they falsely accused an innocent man, Scott Wilk, of running this blog. (There are too many links so just Google “Patricia Mckeon lies“) They made this accusation to the LA County DA, a Mckeon endorser, in an attempt to dirty Wilk’s name.

Well, that didn’t stick and they were told to pound sand.

So now they are trying to get the domain for this blog turned off in yet another attempt to silence free speech.

Where are these people from, China? Does our constitution and the rights it guarantees  mean anything to Buck and Patricia Mckeon?

Here are the details that I now am aware of.

  • Patricia Mckeon filed a complaint with Network Solutions(NS) to have my domain name revoked.
  • Patricia herself, while speaking with a representative from NS, made the claim that she was being defrauded.
  • She made these claims because I choose not provide my real name and address on the domain registration (Duh! Does the word anonymous mean anything).
  • Buck and Patricia are currently considering civil litigation against me.

Well, I wish them good luck, because I don’t think they will be successful.

But, if they are – for some odd reason, I have extended the invitation to the writer to blog here or over at flapsblog.com anonymously.


AD-38: Patricia McKeon Decides to Meet With REAL VOTERS and Refuses to Attend Debates or Forums


A photo last night from the forum sponsored by the Santa Clarita Valley League of Women Voters and the 34th District Parent-Teacher Association

I guess Patricia McKeon will NOT show up to any more forums or debates in the Santa Clarita Valley.

Assembly candidate Patricia McKeon is not likely to speak at any more public forums in the Santa Clarita Valley, her campaign spokesman said Tuesday.

“I think we’re done with public forums,” Joe Justin said before a forum scheduled Tuesday evening by the League of Women Voters and the 34th District Parent-Teacher Association.

Her campaign strategy hinges now on meeting voters directly, he said.

“There are no undecided voters in this area,” Justin said, referring to the Santa Clarita Valley. “We’re now going to be talking to real voters.”

“We may do a forum in Simi Valley,” Justin said.

McKeon has appeared only once at a public forum with her Democrat opponent, Edward Headington, and in front of at least three Republican-only events.

McKeon, wife of Rep. Howard “Buck” McKeon, R-Santa Clarita, told a luncheon forum at the Lincoln Club last month that she would not shy away from public debates and forums, but was not about to give the same talk to the same audience over and over.

McKeon, school board member Paul Strickland and college Trustee Scott Wilk are seeking the Republican nomination for 38th Assembly District in the June primary. The lone Democrat in the race is Headington.

McKeon did not attend the Tuesday night forum that drew Wilk, Strickland and Headington.

Well, based on Patricia’s previous performance, this is probably a smart move for her.

You know, limit the opportunity to make a continuing ass out of yourself. Like she did here in this video:

I don’t think the voters will take too kindly to a candidate who wants to avoid discussing their ideas and policy stances while her husband the local Congressman has his defense contractor cronies fund her mass mailings to voter’s mailboxes.

Come on, Patricia, 90 per cent of the race is just showing up…..right?