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Many California Election Filing Deadlines Extended to Wednesday


We will have to wait on a number of races to get started due to California Election Code 8022.

The complete list is here (Pdf).

In Ventura County, the following races have extended filing deadlines:

  • Assembly District 38
  • State Senate District 19
  • California Congressional District 26

In each of these districts NO incumbents filed for re-election.

Stay tuned…..


CA-30: Rep Brad Sherman Will Face Off Against Rep Howard Berman and NOT Move to Thousand Oaks


Guess Rep. Brad Sherman does not want to move out to Ventura County and will stay put in the Valley.

The congressman isn’t trading Sherman Oaks for Thousand Oaks, according to Sherman’s campaign consultant, Parke Skelton.

“No, Brad Sherman is not running in the 26th,” Skelton said in an email Friday.

So it’s on to Tuesday night, when Sherman and Berman are scheduled to square off in their second debate of the campaign, a forum sponsored by the Jewish Journal.

Republican California State Senator Tony Strickland has to be considered the front-runner in the CA-26 race (Ventura County) and will face NO incumbent Congressional incumbent.

Looks like this seat will remain Republican.


CA-26 Video: An Interview with Ventura County Supervisor Linda Parks


Ventura County Supervisor and Congressional candidate Linda Parks

You can find the interview here.

With California State Senator Tony Strickland locking down the Republican Establishment endorsements and with Democrat Ventura County Supervisor Steve Bennett’s reluctance to withdraw from the race, Linda Parks may be the odd candidate out.

Watch Parks to try to attack Strickland, while her “real” opponent in the “top two” June primary election will be Bennett.


California Election 2012: California Democratic Party Pre-Endorsement Conferences


Scott Lay at AroundtheCapitol.com and The Nooner has the breakdown on some of the results.

The Democratic Party held pre-endorsement conferences around the state over the weekend for state legislative and congressional races. Candidates receiving 70% of the vote of delegates to the conferences will be placed on the “consent calendar” for endorsement at the party’s February 10-12 convention. If one candidate receives more than 50% but less than 70% of the vote, the endorsement for that district will be considered at caucuses held at the convention. The candidate that received over 50% is listed here for reference, but they are not the only eligible candidate for the endorsement for that district at the convention caucuses. Here’s the official guide from the California Democratic Party.

Of interest to Ventura County are the following:

  • SD19 – Hannah-Beth Jackson – over 70%
  • SD27 – Fran Pavley – over 70%
  • CD26 – Steve Bennett – over 70%
  • CD30 – Brad Sherman – 50% – to convention

If you  are confused as to what these California Democratic Party Pre-endorsement conferences are or how they work, then head over to read John Meyer’s post here.

Thankfully, the California GOP will NOT weigh in with such a convoluted process – much to the dismay of California Republican Party Big Wigs who would like to be in control.

California voters will just have to decide for themselves, as to who is GOP enough and who is the RINO, I suppose.

I trust the voters, to make the RIGHT choice.


CA-30: Will Rep Brad Sherman Move to Ventura County?


Democrat Reps. Howard Berman and Brad Sherman

If Democrat Rep. Brad Sherman is smart and wants to remain in the House, he will.

You see, the disagreement between him and Rep. Howard Berman goes back a few years and they have been redistricted into the same CD.

The new Ventura County Congressional District CA-26 is in turmoil with the retirement of GOP Rep. Elton Gallegly last Friday. There will be no incumbent in this race and the POLS are all scrambling.

No less than 7 candidates have expressed interest in the race, including Ventura County Supervisor Steve Bennett from Ojai, Ventura County Supervisor Linda Parks from Thousand Oaks, California State Senator Tony Strickland who lives in Moorpark, two Democrats from Oxnard, one from Moorpark and one from Westlake Village.

It is rumored that environmentalists and the Ventura Public Employee Unions are pressuring Bennett to drop out of the race in favor of the nominally Republican Linda Parks. They are afraid that Bennett’s Supervisoral seat (Ventura, Ojai) will be lost to a Republican (Ventura County Fire Chief Bob Roper). The special interests are correct.

However, Linda Parks, a slow growth, public employee union loving environmentalist is in the second year of her four year term and has a “free ride.” Parks has pledged to run more as an independent than Democrat or Republican.

But, all of these machinations leave a hole for a Democrat who has some campaign cash to burn and this is where Brad Sherman comes in. He has plenty of money and has represented Thousand Oaks before. His former field staffer is former Thousand Oaks Mayor Larry Horner who is still very popular, particularly in the Westlake Village area.

Can Sherman beat Parks et. al in a top two primary?

I believe he could at least spend his way into a second place finish with either Parks or Strickland making the run off.

I don’t think D.C. Democrats will allow this seat to be contested by an independent and a conservative Republican.

So, when will Sherman make the switch? It will have to be soon – filing closes on March 9.