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Tanning Bed Legislation Banning Minors Sent to California Governor Jerry Brown


It is Senate Bill 746.

A bill to ban the use of tanning beds for Californians who are 18 or under is headed to Gov. Jerry Brown after winning final approval in the Legislature.

Senate Bill 746, by Democratic Sen. Ted Lieu, would make California the first state in the nation to ban minors from fake baking under the ultraviolet bulbs. Amendments to the bill were approved by the state Senate today on a vote of 24-12.

Current law prohibits youth under 14 to use tanning beds and requires consumers between the ages of 14 and 17 to get permission from a parent or guardian. Supporters say enacting a full ban will protect minors from the harmful effects of exposure to ultraviolet radiation, including the increased risk of skin cancers.

This bill should be signed.

While this bill reeks of the Nanny State, young teenagers should be protected because there are health risks (skin cancer) associated with tanning beds.


California Porn Studios Suspend Production Over HIV Scare


More bad news for a poor Southern California economy.

Several adult studios suspended production on Monday following the Free Speech Coaltion’s call for an industry-wide moratorium until more information is gathered about a potential HIV case among the active performer pool.

Hustler Video, Digital Playground, Zero Tolerance Entertainment, Third Degree and Black Ice were among the companies indefinitely on hold from shooting. Numerous other producers at post time had also either postponed or cancelled shoots.

“We are waiting for more information,” said Drew Rosenfeld, creative director for Hustler Video.

“No production is scheduled for this week,” said Guyleen Rose, director of marketing for Digital Playground.

Third Degree Films producer/director Miles Long told XBIZ, “We have suspended production and cancelled our scheduled shoots for Thursday and Friday.”

The industry trade group Free Speech Coalition early Monday asked for a halt on porn productions after reports indicated that an active performer may have tested positive for HIV. The performer in question reportedly tested at a facility outside the state of California.

The FSC, as well as its performer testing unit, Adult Production Health & Safety Services Program (APHSS.org), said that a moratorium should be “instituted immediately and continued for a time period until the primary reports are confirmed.”

The moratorium would continue until possible first and second-generation exposures have been identified. A quarantine could be extended after that point, if necessary, FSC said.

Use a CONDOM for the porn movies and protect the performers.

How easy is that?