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Jun 07 2012

AD-66: Craig Huey Moves On to November General Election


From the California Secretary of State

My El Segundo High School friend, Craig Huey, has won a top two spot in the California Assembly District 66 November General election.

From the press release:

Longtime South Bay resident, small business owner and Republican Candidate Craig Huey made a strong showing in the newly formed California 66th Assembly District race.

Political pundits and pollsters were pretty confident that the race, featuring one Democrat and two Republicans, would easily go to the Dems – especially in a district with an edge in registered Democratic voters. Huey’s strong finish now positions him in the Assembly District as the front runner in the November general election.

“During the campaign, I have personally met with over 7200 voters and I have told them that I will go to Sacramento and make our government functional again. California needs to focus on job growth, stop wasteful spending and put an end to regulations that are killing jobs,” said Huey from his headquarters in Torrance. “Our deficit is spinning wildly out of control and record numbers of jobs are leaving at a rate that we have never seen in the history of our state. My experience as a job creator, entrepreneur and small business owner for 35 years can help to restore the California Dream.”

Huey’s main focus in this campaign is to bring fiscal responsibility back to Sacramento – to balance the budget, help families keep more of their hard-earned money and encourage entrepreneurs to start companies and create jobs in California.

Results for Tuesday primary are:

  • Craig Huey, (R)     20,939 votes     38.5%
  • Albert Muratsuchi (D)     22,225 votes     40.9%
  • Nathan Mintz (R) 11,170 votes     20.6%

“Craig’s strength in this race is his experience as a job creator, small business owner and his ability to bring people together,” said Vice Mayor of Rancho Palos Verdes Brian Campbell. “With over 2 million jobs leaving this state and no real solutions in sight, we need people like Craig Huey in Sacramento that don’t pander to special interests.”

This is a very competitive Assembly district and the general campaign will be expensive and brutal for both parties and candidates.

Huey who had previously run an unsuccessful campaign against Rep. Janice Hahn (in about the same district) will have to be viewed as the favorite. But, this election will be all about the turnout.

Stay tuned…..

From Craig Huey website


Feb 27 2012

AD-66: Candidates in Swing District Court Centrist Voters


AD-66 Republican candidate Nathan Mintz on a precinct walk

The Los Angeles Times profiles California Assembly District 66 in the South Bay area of Los Angeles County.

Lots of candidates need a Rob Katherman this year.

He was a Democrat. Then he was a Republican. Now he’s unattached.

The South Bay area he lives in, bordered by sparkling ocean on the west and gritty manufacturing sites on the east, is much the same. Voters here have toggled for decades across the political divide.

Such swing districts and Californians like Katherman — who sits smack in the political center — are exactly what reformers had in mind when they pushed in recent years to change state elections. New voter pools and a different primary system would give more weight to middle-roaders, they said, easing gridlock in Washington and Sacramento.

This year, in the first full test of those changes, a handful of new, politically balanced congressional and legislative districts could produce pitched battles between Republicans and Democrats. The 66th Assembly District, where Katherman lives, is one of them, drawn for the first time by an independent citizens commission rather than by lawmakers choosing voters who would reelect them.

The demographics of the district are here.

With the new top two system in the June primary election, it is very likely that Craig Huey who recently lost a Congressional race to Janice Hahn (spending almost a $ million in the losing process) will be facing the Democrat Al Maratsuchi.

Craig Huey will be viewed as the Tea Party conservative in the assembly district, while engineer Nathan Mintz will be seeking a more moderate constituency.

Craig Huey has to be considered the front-runner in June and in the November general election and will spend what it takes from his own personal resources.

Stay tuned….


Nov 17 2011

AD-66: Former California Governor George Deukmejian Endorses Nathan Mintz


Portrait of former California Republican Governor George Deukmejian

A good pick-up for Torrance Republican Engineer Nathan Mintz.

Former Gov. George Deukmejian on Wednesday endorsed aerospace engineer Nathan Mintz for a newly drawn state Assembly seat.  The  Mintz campaign announced the former GOP governor’s backing one day after Republican businessman Craig Huey jumped into the race for the South Bay based- 66th District seat.

Mintz will face off with businessman Craig Huey and Democrat school board member Al Muratsuchi.


Nov 15 2011

AD-66: Huey, Mintz and Muratsuchi Will Face Off In 2012 South Bay Assembly Race

Craig Huey, with 30+ years of business experience creating jobs, announces he is running for the new 66th Assembly Seat.

Two Tea Party Republicans and a Democratic School Board member will face off in 2012 for a newly created South Bay California Assembly Seat.

Three candidates have already announced their intentions to run next year in a newly created state Assembly district that takes in much of the South Bay.

Businessman Craig Huey on Tuesday formally told supporters that he plans to run against fellow Republican Nathan Mintz, who already has expressed his interest in running for the new 66th Assembly District, which was created last summer by an independent redistricting panel.

The district takes in Manhattan Beach, Gardena, Torrance, Hermosa Beach, Redondo Beach, Lomita, the Palos Verdes Peninsula and the unincorporated area known as west Carson.

Torrance Unified school board member Al Muratsuchi told supporters last weekend that he’s entering the race as a Democrat.

“The problems in Sacramento are probably worse than the problems in Washington, D.C.,” said Huey, who lost to Janice Hahn in the July runoff to replace Democrat Jane Harman in the 36th Congressional District, which stretches from Venice to San Pedro.

“Decisions are not being made in Sacramento to turn the state around,” Huey said. “I’m not running to get a job or to kowtow to the special interests. I’m going to be the career politician’s worst enemy.”

Muratsuchi, a deputy attorney general who was elected six years ago to the Torrance school board, held a reception Saturday to discuss his run for Assembly. He opted out of running for the 53rd Assembly District seat just months after announcing his candidacy.

Mintz announced his intention for the new Assembly seat shortly after the California Citizens Redistricting Commission approved a new set of boundaries for the state’s 53 congressional, 40 state Senate, 80 Assembly and four Board of Equalization districts.

“I’ve been frustrated with the gridlock in Sacramento, so I want to go up there and work for the greater good,” said Mintz, an aerospace engineer and founder of the South Bay Tea Party movement who unsuccessfully ran last year for the 53rd Assembly District.

“Craig Huey is coming to the party a little late,” Mintz said, taking aim at his Republican rival. “I know he feels he can write himself a big check and buy this race, but the voters of the district may have a different opinion in 2012.”

Al Muratsuchi and Nathan Mintz

This race will be one to watch. You have two Republicans with very high name recognition in the district (Mintz having run and lost previously in November 2010 in the 53rd Assembly race) and an unknown Democrat.

The district is fairly even in registration and remember it is the top two candidates in June 2012 who move on to the November general election.

I agree with Alan Hoffenblum, this will be a fun race to watch.

I give the edge to Craig Huey since he will be able to write the big check. And, Huey will hope that Mintz can be persuaded to withdraw – but, I don’t think this will happen.


Nov 15 2011

AD-66: Craig Huey Will Run for California State Assembly


As I predicted last week: Craig Huey will run for California Assembly in District 66.

Craig Huey, the Torrance businessman who shocked many political analysts with a strong but ultimately unsuccessful run against Janice Hahn for the 36th District congressional seat earlier this year, will run for the newly created 66th Assembly District, which covers most of the South Bay, including the Palos Verdes Peninsula and the Beach Cities.

Huey, a Republican who lives in Rancho Palos Verdes, announced his intentions at a news conference outside an abandoned warehouse in Torrance on Tuesday. He was surrounded by about two dozen supporters, including his wife Shelly, at the time.

“What’s going on in Sacramento is killing business right now … and we’re on a path that is only going to get worse,” Huey said in a speech, later adding that “we have a crisis and we’ve got to stop this insanity.”

Huey aims to bring the power in Sacramento back to the local level, he said. He also wants to stop what he called job-killing legislation and out-of-control government pensions.

“I will be on the warpath,” he promised supporters.

He said he plans to run a clean campaign for positive change. After Huey finished talking, his wife, Shelly, addressed the audience.

The Congressional campaign “wasn’t just grassroots,” she said. “This isn’t a shallow [effort] … this is an uprising.”

“We live in a land that’s a promised land here, and it’s been hijacked,” she later added, noting that her husband has the ability to rally the troops.

“It’s going to be a fresh wind for Sacramento,” Craig Huey said.

There is already an announced Republican in the race, Natahn Mintz but Huey is hoping that he will drop out of the race.

Again, here are the details of the 66th Assembly district.

Craig and I are old high school chums from El Segundo High School.

Craig’s website is here.

Good luck, Craig