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Video: Occupy Education Protesters “OCCUPY” the California State Capitol



Consider the California Capitol OCCUPIED.

A late morning march and rally to call attention to cuts to higher education has transformed into an effort to “Occupy” the state Capitol.  Several hundred demonstrators are gathered in the rotunda and hallways of the Capitol as they sort out what demands they plan to seek as part of their protest.  ReFund California, a coalition backing a proposed tax hike on Californians making more than $1 million to fund education and other state services, had previously announced plans to Occupy the Capitol following a rally sponsored by the Student Senate for California Community Colleges, California State Student Association and the University of California Student Association.

Bring in the Capitol Police at 6 PM in about an hour, and throw them out.

End of Occupy California State Capitol…


No “Occupy Rose Parade” Say Tournament of Roses Parade Organizers


I have seen local news reports, particularly on the local NBC news channel that Occupy Wall Street anarchist types plan to participate. But…..

Although an Occupy Wall Street protest group in Pasadena, Calif., tried to get a slot to march in the Rose Parade on Jan. 2, officials with the parade said no. The group now plans to march down the street behind a group of police cars that mark the end of the parade.

In November, the Occupy group announced its plans to “occupy” the parade, but the Pasadena Tournament of Roses provided a statement on Wednesday to CNSNews.com saying that protesters would “not be taking part in the Rose Parade” because only official entries, approved by the tournament well in advance of the event, can take part in the event.

Also, Lt. Plhunte Riddle of the Pasadena Police Department told CNSNews.com in a telephone interview: “The Tournament of Roses has the exclusive authority to issue permits for the entries in the parade. Occupy has not been issued a permit.”

Instead, the activists can walk down Colorado Boulevard along with countless other people who throng the streets when the parade concludes.

“They will be allowed, just like any other spectator or any other demonstrator, to fall in at the completion of the parade behind our four police cars that trail the parade,” Riddle said. “That doesn’t give them placing, that doesn’t give them a permit – no permit is needed as long as they don’t infringe on other individuals that every year gather in the street and walk.”

Not such a big deal, like the Occupy folks have been hyping.

But, mark my word that if they disrupt the crowd after the parade or place their banners in front of the television cameras where they are not permitted, there will be some ugly arrests.

Watch the video here for some insight into the Occupy organizers weak attempt at protest – Age of Aquarius – really?


Occupy Wall Street Vs. The Tea Party and the Double Standard



Craig Huey, a Los Angeles area small businessman and former California Congressional candidate discusses with Fox’s Neil Cavuto how the left-wing dominated media likes to spin the Occupy Wall Street protests vs.those of The Tea Party.

Watch it all.