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Sep 10 2012

PPIC: “Just the Facts” – Rise of the California Independents


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The Public Policy Institute of California (PPIC) is out with its “Just the Facts” report on the California electorate.

There are some interesting facts about the California voting electorate and political parties.

Some are:

The share of independent voters continues to increase

  • In Total there are 17.2 million California voters—72.3% of eligible adults
  • Democrats numbered 7.4 million (43.4%)
  • Republicans numbered 5.2 million (30.2%)
  • Independent (also known as “decline to state” or “no party preference”) continues to rise: it is now at 21.3% (3.7 million voters), up from 19.4% (3.1 million) in 2008
  • Most likely to vote, 44% are Democrats, 35% are Republicans, and 18% are independents.

California’s top two voting system should support more “independent’ voters since there is really no reason to register one way or another, unless you want to run for partisan office.

Gone are the day of the partisan California June primary elections in “safe” gerrymandered by party legislative and congressional districts.

There are more interesting facts in the report and will revisit them on another post.


May 24 2012

The PPIC Poll for May 2012


California State Capitol

The Public Policy Institute of California poll (PPIC) was taken from May 14 through May 20, 2012.

Here is a summary:

  • CA Right direction/wrong direction: 30-63%
  • Gov Brown job approval (Approve/Disapprove/DK): 39-36-24%
  • Budget solution through (Spending cuts/Tax increases/Mix/Debt): 35-13-44-2% (likely voters)
  • Gov’s compromise tax measure (Yes/No/DK): 56-38-7% (likely voters)
  • Prop. 28 (term limits): 62-29%
  • Prop. 29 (tobacco tax): 53-42%
  • Barack Obama (Fav/Unfav/DK): 52-45-4% (likely voters)
  • Mitt Romney (Fav/Unfav/DK): 40-52-9% (likely voters)
  • Gay marriage: 56-37% (likely voters)

A quick review will show the deep blue nature of the state, including President Obama commanding a large lead in the 2012 Presidential race.

Democrat Governor Jerry Brown does not poll as well having a net disapproval rating.

No real surprises here in this heavily democratic state, except that the California Proposition 29 smokers tax increase margin in favor has dramatically cratered under the weight of tobacco company media buys.

The entire poll is here.