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Video: California State Senator Sharon Runner Discusses Double-Lung Transplant


California State Senator Sharon Runner

What a great story!

Just weeks after a life-saving double lung transplant, State Senator Sharon Runner invited me to her home to talk for the first time about the surgery that saved her.

The journey began three years ago when she was first placed on a transplant list after suffering for 30 years from limited scleroderma — an autoimmune disease that essentially attacks the body’s healthy tissue and organs.

The 57-year-old continued working in the Senate until November when the disease progressed to a point where she was hospitalized.

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California State Senator Sharon Runner Released from the Hospital


Sharon Runner

California State Senator Sharon Runner

Good news!

Sen. Sharon Runner is being released from the hospital less than two weeks after receiving a new set of lungs.

Runner’s office announced on Feb. 24 that the Lancaster Republican had received a double lung transplant and was recovering at Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center. Runner, who was elected to the Senate in a 2011 special election, has suffered for years from a rare autoimmune condition called limited scleroderma.

While Runner said at the time of her campaign that her condition had improved, infections related to the disease landed her back on the transplant list and prevented her from returning to the Capitol this year.

In addition to praising the work of her doctors and surgeons, Runner thanked the family of her anonymous organ donor in a statement released by her office.

“Without this person’s generosity, I would not be able to continue my community activism and public service,” she said. “This person’s family and friends will always be in my prayers.”

Senator Runner who has already announced she will not be running for re-election later this year will return to her duties in the Capitol by late spring, according to her office.

This is VERY good news.

Senator, have a good recovery!


California State Senator Sharon Runner Receives Double Lung Transplant


California State Senator Sharon Runner who represents the 17th State Senate District is now recovering at UCLA Ronald Reagan Medical Center.

State Senator Sharon Runner is recuperating in a Los Angeles hospital after a successful double lung transplant. Runner is recovering at Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center. The senator has limited scleroderma, or CREST syndrome, an autoimmune condition that attacks the body’s connective tissue.

In a statement over the weekend, Runner praised the UCLA medical team and she expressed gratitude to the family and friends of the anonymous donor.

Senator Runner previously announced last week she would not be running for re-election, as she awaited the transplant.

I wish her well.