AD-38: Note to Political Operatives – A Woman Scorned


Speaker Boehner, Patricia McKeon and Rep. Buck McKeon

The entire Flap between Rep. Buck McKeon, his wife, Patrica McKeon, a candidate for California Assembly District 38, Scott Wilk – also a candidate for California Assembly and his wife, Vanessa Wilk is here.

But , now that national paper Roll Call is covering the matter.

Consider this an HOH public service announcement. Political operatives, beware. When you bring folks’ spouses into the mix, things get unpredictable.

On Tuesday, HOH reported that an internal memo, circulated to Rep. Buck McKeon’s senior staff, laid out the office’s strategy for addressing the California Republican’s involvement in the latest Countrywide mortgage scandal.

McKeon is one of four Members referred to the House Ethics Committee to discern whether Countrywide provided preferential treatment to influential lawmakers through an exclusive loan program.

The memo included a reference to a California state Assembly race that pits a former McKeon aide, Scott Wilk, against McKeon’s wife, Patricia.

According to the memo, McKeon’s strategy should include “thorough background checks into the relationships between Wilk, [Wilk’s political consultant, Jason Cable] Roe, and their recent shady political connections.”

After reading the item, Scott Wilk’s wife, Vanessa, leapt to her husband’s defense, sending a furious email to McKeon.

Although everyone seems to be focusing on the sleezy tactics, Congressman McKeon is using to bolster his wife, Patricia’s, Assembly campaign, there remains the issue of Countrywide and Rep.McKeon’s involvement with preferential loans, presumably for himself and his wife.

I wonder if the National Republican Congressional Committee is going to have a chat with the Congressman and tell him to mind his own campaign – one which because of his ethics problems – may prove more difficult than one thinks.


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