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The PPIC Poll for May 2012


California State Capitol

The Public Policy Institute of California poll (PPIC) was taken from May 14 through May 20, 2012.

Here is a summary:

  • CA Right direction/wrong direction: 30-63%
  • Gov Brown job approval (Approve/Disapprove/DK): 39-36-24%
  • Budget solution through (Spending cuts/Tax increases/Mix/Debt): 35-13-44-2% (likely voters)
  • Gov’s compromise tax measure (Yes/No/DK): 56-38-7% (likely voters)
  • Prop. 28 (term limits): 62-29%
  • Prop. 29 (tobacco tax): 53-42%
  • Barack Obama (Fav/Unfav/DK): 52-45-4% (likely voters)
  • Mitt Romney (Fav/Unfav/DK): 40-52-9% (likely voters)
  • Gay marriage: 56-37% (likely voters)

A quick review will show the deep blue nature of the state, including President Obama commanding a large lead in the 2012 Presidential race.

Democrat Governor Jerry Brown does not poll as well having a net disapproval rating.

No real surprises here in this heavily democratic state, except that the California Proposition 29 smokers tax increase margin in favor has dramatically cratered under the weight of tobacco company media buys.

The entire poll is here.


AD-38: Simi Valley Leaders Raly Behind Scott Wilk for Assembly


Rep. Tom McClintock, Vanessa and Scott Wilk

From the press release:

The Wilk for Assembly Campaign is pleased to announce the support of an overwhelming majority of Simi Valley leaders.  Joining his growing lists of endorsements are Simi Valley Councilman Glen Becerra, Simi Valley Councilman Mike Judge, Simi Valley City Councilman Steven Sojka, and Simi Valley Councilwoman Barbra Williamson.  Also endorsing Wilk is former Simi Valley Mayor Bill Davis.

“The Golden State was once the leader in job creation and economic growth,” commented Councilmember Glen Becerra.  “As a small business owner, Scott Wilk is the right leader to target obstacles in our economy and get Californians working again.”

Joining with the Simi Valley leader endorsements, the Scott Wilk for Assembly campaign would like to announce the official opening of its Simi Valley office.

The Wilk for Assembly Headquarters is at 2906 Cochran St., Simi Valley, CA 91365 and is located in the Sycamore Plaza between Sycamore and Galena in between Staples and Senior Gomez Mexican Restaurant .  The hours of operation are Monday through Saturday from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. and Sunday from 12 p.m. to 6 p.m

For more information or to volunteer during the last two weeks of the campaign, please contact Claira at or (805) 409-5201.


Flap’s California Morning Collection: May 24, 2012


Santa Monica, California

Good Thursday morning!

The California Legislature is in session.  Today’s schedule is here.

The California Assembly’s Daily File is here and the California State Senate’s here.

On to today’s California headlines:

Approval of Gov. Jerry Brown slips in public opinion poll

The honeymoon is ending for Gov. Jerry Brown.

For the first time in a major California poll since Brown took office, a plurality of likely voters disapproves of the job he is doing, according to a Public Policy Institute of California poll released Wednesday.

The margin is pencil-thin – 43 percent disapprove while 42 percent approve – but follows more than a year of relatively favorable marks for the Democratic governor. In April, Brown’s job approval rating among likely voters was 47 percent.

Brown’s dip in public opinion was registered in the days immediately after his announcement last week that California’s budget deficit had grown to $15.7 billion, up from $9.2 billion in January.

Prop 29 support plummets, new poll finds

If anyone ever tells you that money doesn’t matter in California politics, show them the results of the new statewide poll on voter support for Proposition 29.

The initiative — which would add an additional $1 tax per pack of cigarettes and use the money for cancer research — is still ahead in the new poll… but not by much.

The poll from the nonpartisan Public Policy Institute of California finds that 53 percent of those surveyed now say they’ll vote for Prop 29.  Which sounds good, until you consider that in March 67 percent supported the measure.

Meantime, opposition has gone up from 30 percent in March to 42 percent now.

Put it all together and Prop 29 — which was winning by a whopping 37 points two months ago — is now only ahead by 11 points.

The big change since March: the anti Prop 29 bonanza of television ads.  Tobacco companies ponied up some $40 million to kill the initiative, which gives them about a 7-1 advantage in campaign cash over Prop 29 supporters like the American Cancer Society and cyclist Lance Armstrong.

Special-interest spending floods Cailfornia races in new political landscape

As federal super PACs continue to pour money into the presidential and congressional contests, state-level independent committees are spending big to influence the outcome in California’s legislative races.

Independent expenditure committees, which can raise and spend unlimited amounts, are active in more than a third of state races on the June 5 ballot, spending more than $7 million to support and oppose candidates.

The spending, which will grow as groups ramp up mail pieces, radio and television ads and in-person appeals by paid staff in the final days of the primary campaign, is expected to easily exceed the more than $7.4 million in independent spending the Fair Political Practices Commission tracked in the 2010 legislative primary contests.

While a U.S. Supreme Court decision opened the door to unlimited special-interest spending in federal races in 2010, the use of independent committees became the norm in California state elections a decade earlier.

Observers say the number of competitive races this year, a product of redistricting, a new primary process and turnover in the Legislature, is driving numbers up.

LAUSD will pay $200,000 settlement over alleged sexual harassment by former Superintendent Ramon Cortines

Los Angeles Unified will pay $200,000 and give lifetime health benefits to settle a sexual-harassment allegation filed by a facilities executive against retired Superintendent Ramon Cortines, officials said Wednesday.

Scot Graham, who has worked in the Facilities Division for 12 years and is now director of leasing and asset management, claims that Cortines made unwanted sexual advances during a weekend spent at the superintendent’s second home in Kern County in July 2010.

Graham’s attorneys notified the district in March – nearly a year after Cortines retired – that he intended to file a sexual-harassment claim.

Hoping to avoid potentially expensive litigation, the school board met three times in executive session before voting 4-3 on Tuesday to approve the deal.

The settlement gives Graham $200,000 cash, plus lifetime health benefits that officials valued at roughly $250,000. In exchange, the 56-year-old Graham agreed to retire from his $150,000-a-year job on May 31.

Enjoy your morning and Dan Walters’ Daily video: Will independents thrive on June 5?


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