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AD-48: Independent Mike Meza Endorses Republican Joe Gardner


Joe Gardner for Assembly

As Democrat California Assemblyman Roger Hernandez prepares for his DUI trial next week, a fellow candidate in the June Primary election has decided to endorse his opponent, Republican Joe Gardner.

I would like to thank all of you who voted for me in the 2012 primary election. Now in the absence of a third choice however, consideration must be given to the two who have advanced to the general election.

I have considered Roger Hernandez since 2010, researching all that I can. It is said experience is the parent of wisdom. Hernandez lacks in experience henceforth lacks in wisdom. I have come to the conclusion that Hernandez is narcissistic, deceptive and has been, and continues to be, unqualified for the position he currently holds.

His narcissism is no more evident than when he told the officer who booked him during his recent DUI arrest: “Well then, I’m going to have to change that law tomorrow” (regarding officers dispensing medication); his deception underscored when he asserted he only had two glasses of wine between 9PM and 2AM. I’m certain that his bar bill will not support that claim nor will the alcohol dissipation rates conform to it.

Hernandez’ pattern of obstinacy toward police continues, and as a retired police sergeant, personally grates on me. He is not representative of the people in this district.

In a recent meet and greet I had an opportunity to exchange views on state and district matters with Joe Gardner. We found ourselves in general agreement on virtually all the issues covered during that meeting.

The San Gabriel Valley Tribune’s endorsement of Joe Gardner was a disservice. In subsequent conversations with Joe, I found him to be more than adequately qualified, not just someone other than Hernandez. His campaign is grassroots; he believes there is commonality within the prevailing parties and plans on expounding on what’s good for the state and what’s good for the district.

As a retired police sergeant himself, Joe possesses a developed sense of duty to others, an understanding of government function, an awareness of the incongruity of self-aggrandizement and public service and lastly he possesses the common sense to effectively assume the duties required of him in office.

Joe is an affable and attentive individual that the community will find easy to interact with.

I whole-heartedly endorse Joe Gardner for State Assembly for the 48th district and encourage those of you who voted for me to do the same. Again, thank you all and let’s join in making California prosperous again.

Michael G Meza, Constituent
Covina, California

Ouch for the incumbent, Roger Hernandez, in a “Safe” Democratic Assembly District.

The California Democrats have already assumed that Hernandez is dead meat in November. They will have a better candidate in order to challenge Gardner in 2014.


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