AD-66: Craig Huey is a Top California Republican Assembly Fundraiser


According to the press release:

Continuing to build off the momentum established following a June 5 election victory that exceeded expectations, Craig Huey has reported fundraising numbers that place him as the top Assembly Republican fundraiser in the state. In addition, Huey finished as one of the top fundraisers overall among all candidates.

Huey—who finished just 1.6% points behind his sole Democratic opponent in the primary despite another Republican in the race—raised $226,268.58 between May 20 and June 30, an amount nearly double the amount raised by his opponent during that same period.

“I am beyond appreciative of all those individuals who have shown support for my campaign. I am also proud of the large number of individual donors who have supported my candidacy with modest contributions. So far, my campaign has drawn its support from individual voters who are ready for change—not special interests who want to maintain the status quo in Sacramento.”

With slightly fewer than 100 days left until the November general election, Huey also reported that he has nearly $200,000 cash on hand. Since the June primary, Huey has also accumulated a wave of endorsements from many local elected officials who are supporting his campaign.

But, this campaign continues to be a race.

The 66th Assembly district is very competitive demographically and Huey’s opponent, Democrat Al Muratsuchi has also raised substantial sums himself.

Here is the breakdown for both of them:

Reported Fundraising
(May 20-June 30, 2012 filing period)
Committee Contributions Expenditures Cash on Hand Filing Close
Huey For Assembly 2012, Craig [SOS] $108,236 $147,915 $194,667 2012-06-30
Muratsuchi For Assembly 2012 [SOS] $157,266 $66,225 $311,119 2012-06-30
Source: California Secretary of State

But, there is one thing that Muratsuchi does not have – the willingness of Craig Huey to use his personal wealth to write a “big” check, if his campaign needs it. Huey self-funded his unsuccessful campaign for Congress to the tune of almost $1 million.

This fundraising report shows that campaign cash will not be a problem for Huey’s campaign.

Let the ad wars begin!


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