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AD-48: Roger Hernandez Says “There Will Be a Positive Outcome” in DUI Case


California Assemblyman Roger Hernandez

 I suppose this is why we have trial by jury. But, the California Assemblyman better save it for court.

Hernández, who represents Baldwin Park in the State Assembly, said that he trusts the judicial system and that results from toxicology examinations, taken after his arrest in Concord, will show that he was “under the legal limit.”

This statement stands in contrast to information given by the Concord Police Department, assuring in April that Hernández “was intoxicated” after his arrest.

“My defense is working with attorneys to evaluate the analysis. Remember that it was Concord Police who put out a press release suggesting that my [blood alcohol] level was above 0.08%,” said Hernández.

“Bu they never showed that analysis and now it is in the hands of my defense, and I can say that I am very confident of the results and that they will show that I was not above the legal limit,” Hernandez added. “Sooner or later there will be a positive outcome.”

However, in the political arena, the legal limit or not, was it appropriate for this POL, driving a state of California car, to drive after drinking.

It is Hernandez’s judgment that really is on trial here.The trial begins August 7th.

Here in this audio recording embedded below you can hear Hernandez make his plea:


Arnold Schwarzenegger is “BACK” in Public Policy at USC


Former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and USC President C. L. Max Nikias

He’s BACK!

Arnold Schwarzenegger is back in public policy – at USC.

Less than two years after leaving office, former California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, is pumping up his political and academic profile — and will head the Schwarzenegger Institute for State and Global Policy at the University of Southern California, a new think tank to advance “post-partisan” politics.

The Republican former governor  told The Chronicle that he’ll formally announce the establishment of the partnership Thursday at USC, where his Institute will be housed in the Sol Price School of Public Policy.

Schwarzenegger will chair the Institute’s Board of Advisors, and he has also been appointed the inaugural Governor Downey Professor of State and Global Policy at USC, a post in honor of  the first immigrant California governor — who was also a co-founder of the university.

“I always said that after I left office, I would continue to stay involved in certain issues, to be involved in something that has had an affect on people,” Schwarzenegger said Wednesday in an interview with the Chronicle. “This is what it is about: post-partisanship and the regional approach to issues…(that’s) one of the very important things we learned in California.”

Good for Arnold (something to do in his semi-retirement) and good for USC to receive all of the funding from Schwarzenegger’s movie millions.

But, I do not expect too much from this “post-partisan” institute which is laden with Democrats and Leftists.

The institute will issue the same ol’ left-leaning university “white papers” and Arnold will give a lecture or two. Arnold will present awards to up and coming Democrat POLS – maybe a libertarian or two, but no conservatives.

Maybe the institute will do some polling and the Governator will sign some autographs, especially for the co-eds

Bet Arnold gets some good seats for the USC football games too!

Ho hum…..

Here is the video introduction:


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