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AD-38: Anti-Scott Wilk Website Makes Its Appearance


Anti- Scott Wilk Website Screen Cap

An anti-Scott Wilk website

An anonymous anti-Scott Wilk website has appeared.

A vicious and raunchy (probably not work safe) anti Scott Wilk website has gone live today, and it’s going to cause quite the stir.

The site, is a virtual clone of Scott Wilk’s real campaign website, The layout, colors, design, and links are nearly identical.

The content, however, is not. The unknown author accuses Wilk of being a career politician, a “political opportunist” and a myriad of other charges. The author has also modified pictures of Wilk on the site. There is a lot of anti-Wilk content here to explore.

This site, devoid of any mention of Wilk’s Democratic opponent, Edward Headington, is just a tit for tat for the anonymous Really Patricia? website that was so devastating to his June Primary election Republican opponent, Patrica McKeon.

This looks to me like an amateur Republican type hit site, thrown together quickly, to lightly impugn, but harm Wilk later when he wins election in November and then decides to run for Rep. Buck McKeon’s seat, when Buck retires.

The content is quite humorous, especially if you know the back story and Wilk’s political history, but will have no affect on his campaign in this safe Republican California Assembly District. It is just too inside baseball and up on the web way too late in the campaign to have any measurable effect.

Except…. candidates will know that they must have a fast responding web presence to combat these type of efforts to slime them.


California Proposition 32 “Paycheck Protection” Passing 53% Vs. 37% in latest CBRT Pepperdine Poll


California Proposition 32, the “Paycheck Protection” Initiative is handily winning in the latest CBRT Pepperdine poll.

The poll found support for Proposition 30 holding steady, a slight drop in support for Proposition 32. “This poll shows that as the opposition to Proposition 32 begins its statewide campaign, the measure has lost some support,” said Dr. Michael Shires, Pepperdine University. “It seems some of the messages in the advertisements are sticking with voters. However, the ‘yes’ campaign is yet to launch their campaign which should impact the measure’s support.”

The election advertising deluge is just starting, but most Californians probably don’t like the idea of their paychecks being held hostage to their unions.

Now, whether the public employee and other unions can persuade their members and others to support forced withdrawals when given the choice is another story.

I say that employees should be given a choice over their own paychecks and say YES on California Proposition 32.


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