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PPIC Poll: California Proposition 30 in Trouble?


Jerry Brown pointing Yes on California Prposition 30

California Governor Jerry Brown campaigns for Proposition 30 in San Francisco LAT/AP Photo

California Governor Jerry Brown’s pet project, California Proposition 30, or raising taxes to help balance the California State Budget has run into problems according to a new PPIC Poll.

Roughly half of California’s likely voters support Gov. Jerry Brown’s tax initiative, according to a new poll, making its success a tossup less than two months before the election.

The poll, released Wednesday night by the Public Policy Institute of California, said 52% supported the measure, putting passage within the 4.4% margin of error. An additional 40% said they were against the initiative, and 8% said they didn’t know how they would vote.

Brown’s tax initiative, Proposition 30, would increase the sales tax by a quarter-cent and raise income taxes by 1 to 3 percentage points for residents earning more than $250,000. If the taxes don’t pass, Brown says, there will be almost $6 billion in budget cuts, mostly to public education.

To think that the California Democrats and specifically Governor Jerry Brown have wasted over a year trying to increase taxes on Californians in order to save government over spending. But voters are now resistant.

Go figure.

The California economy has been in the dumper for years and taxes continue to be very high here. What makes Brown or anyone think that Californians want to pay more? Especially, when there is no guarantee that it will help their own lives.

Jerry Brown and his Democratic leadership have miscalculated the mood of voters.

It is time to get back to work and balance the state books without dinging taxpayers once again.

Vote No on Proposition 30!


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