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California Proposition 38 Launches Television Ad – Pushes Taxes


California Proposition 38 ad

Now, with this new ad for California Proposition 38, California Proposition 30 which also asks California voters to increase taxes (sales and income) has a rival with television air time.

The Proposition 38 campaign released its first statewide television advertisement Monday, aiming to gain ground in the polls by playing to voters’ distrust of Sacramento politicians.

The animated advertisement says the initiative would send more money to schools and “guarantees the politicians can’t touch it.” Proposition 38, which is being pushed by lawyer Molly Munger, would increase education spending by hiking income taxes on most residents.

The 30-second spot could also ratchet up the tension as Gov. Jerry Brown pushes his own tax initiative, Proposition 30. Although the advertisement doesn’t mention Brown or his campaign, it obliquely refers to politicians who “say unless we send more tax dollars to Sacramento, they’ll cut education again.”

Brown’s plan would increase the sales tax and levies on the state’s wealthiest to pump more money into the budget. He has threatened to cut almost $6 billion from the budget, mostly from public schools, if Proposition 30 doesn’t pass.

California voters have heard the “tax song” over and over again. The POLS waste the money and come back for more.

This time I bet even the LEFT COAST says No to both propositions.

The California economy remains in the doldrums and voters cannot afford to deliver up more to the politicians – no matter what they promise.

Here is the ad:



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