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AD-44: Jeff Gorell Panders on Illegal Immigration


California Assemblyman Jeff Gorell and wife, Laura
Photo: Facebook

After getting spanked by Hispanic voters in the last election, California Republican Assemblyman Jeff Gorell has changed his position on illegal immigration and wants to bring the GOP along with him.

In an op-ed piece yesterday in the Sacramento Bee, Gorell, a Camarillo Republican outlines his newly found position.

It’s time for Congress and the president to enact comprehensive immigration reform. And it’s time for Republicans to shift their position on the issue, indeed not only embracing a pathway to citizenship for undocumented immigrants, but championing the cause. Doing so is the right thing to do, and it is consistent with the history and core values of the party of Lincoln and Reagan.

The Grand Old Party has long stood for opportunity and against tyranny. Republican defense of free markets and limited government has helped create economic opportunities and prosperity unlike any other country in the world.

These opportunities have attracted families to America who flee the economies of more intrusive, restrictive governments they leave behind. They are, as immigrants have been through America’s history, grateful neighbors who bring a strong work ethic and an entrepreneurial spirit to their adopted home country.

Unfortunately, the federal government has failed its responsibilities for managing immigration controls and policy, and as a result has placed Californians in an unacceptable position. By inaction in Washington, we are essentially asked to ignore our undocumented neighbors – many of whom are my constituents – and simply pretend they are not there. This simply cannot continue.

Jeff is simply Hispanic pandering, since against a generic, unknown Democrat, he did not meet up to expectations at the polls. He lost by over thirty points in heavily Hispanic Oxnard.

Hispanic outreach is one thing, but to dramatically ask for a shift in immigration policy – one that amounts to a blanket amnesty for millions of lawbreakers is not in the interests of California.

Jeff, there is plenty of time for outreach and plenty of time for the Congress to debate and enact a sensible change to immigration policy.

But, your histrionics will not help Republicans or California.


Los Angeles Public Television Icon Huell Howser to Retire


Huell HowserHuell Howser

I had no idea that Huell was 67 years old.

He will definitely be missed.

The Sacramento Bee is quoting a staffer at Huell Howser’s production company saying that the folksy aficionado of all things California won’t be making new episodes of “California’s Gold” or other shows. Re-runs will continue, of course. The email, from Ryan Morris, says that “Huell is retiring from making new shows but does not want to make any formal announcements about it.” Well fat chance of that going unnoticed. In fact, if he were to just stop making television and not expect everyone to talk about it a little bit — that would be amazing.

Certainly, he has been the happiest person on California televison for decades.


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