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SD-27: Fran Pavley Leads Todd Zink in Fundraising


Democrat California State Senator Fran Pavley

In the critical California State Senate District 27, incumbent Senator Fran Pavley leads Republican challenger Todd Zink in fundraising.

Senate Republican leaders  are plowing money into the campaign of prosecutor Todd Zink for the 27th Senate District contest, but he continues to significantly trail in fundraising behind Democratic Sen. Fran Pavley of Agoura Hills, according to newly filed finance reports.

In a battleground district that Democrats hope will help them win a two-thirds Senate majority in November, the State Democratic Party and its leaders are countering with help of their own.

Zink, a deputy district attorney from Westlake Village, reported the maximum contributions of $3,900 each from Republican Sens. Bob Huff of Diamond Bar (the minority leader), Tom Harman of Huntington Beach and Tom Berryhill of Modesto, as well as loans for the same amount from Sens. Bill Emmerson of Hemet and Anthony Canella of Ceres.

The money helped Zink raise $76,165 from May 20 to June 30, ending the period with $81,051 in his campaign account. Pavley reported raising $111,416 during the same period, ending the period with $832,887 in the bank.

California Democrats really want this Senate seat to obtain the 2/3’rd majority in order to raise California taxes at will.

While the demographics for a GOP candidate are not bad, Zink is relatively unknown in the district and Pavley has been doing many events in the more conservative areas of Simi Valley.

This may be a close race despite the 10 to 1 money advantage by Pavley, but I suspect not.


SD-27: Todd Zink Out Polls Senator Fran Pavley


From the California Secretary of State

In a bit of a surprise, Los Angeles County Prosecutor and political novice, Republican Todd Zink, beat Democratic incumbent California State Senator Fran Pavley last night in a head to head match-up. They will repeat the contest again in November under California’s top two election system.

While you cannot compare these results with the November general election, where voter turn-out will be far greater and Pavley will actually campaign while spending tons of campaign cash, the result will give the Republican Senate leaders someone else to raise money for.

A good result for Todd Zink who will face a formidable challenge in Pavley this fall.


SD-27: Republican Marine Lt. Colonel and LA County Prosecutor to Run for California State Senate


From the Todd Zink campaign website

With California June Primary election deadline looming, a Republican has finally stepped forward to challenge incumbent Democrat State Senator Fran Pavley of Agoura Hills. The candidate is Russell Todd Zink, a Westlake Village resident and Los Angeles County Deputy District Attorney. Zink is also a Lt Colonel in the United States Marine Reserve and has served in Afghanistan.

Zink’s campaign biography is here.

Todd Zink is a husband, father, decorated Marine Corps officer, and an accomplished Deputy District attorney with a long record of service to our community and country.

Todd Zink followed in his father’s footsteps as a military officer by earning a scholarship in the Naval ROTC program at the University of Southern California. Upon graduation, Todd was immediately commissioned as a 2nd Lieutenant in the U.S. Marine Corps. He became an infantry officer and a graduate of Ranger, Combat Dive, and Airborne Schools.

As an active duty Marine in Encino, he lived in Thousand Oaks and did community outreach events in the San Fernando and Conejo Valleys at schools, in cities and with small businesses.

After completing his active duty service, Todd pursued a law degree at Loyola Law School, attending class in the evenings while working full-time in the pharmaceutical and biopharma sales industries, and serving in the Marine Corps Reserves.

A few months after 9-11, Todd’s reserve company from Port Hueneme in Ventura County was activated as part of Operation Iraqi Freedom and became part of the only reserve infantry battalion to take part in the march to Baghdad. During this operation he orchestrated close air support missions in the push to Baghdad.

Shortly after his return from Iraq, Todd was selected as a Deputy District Attorney for the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office. Todd’s work on behalf of the People of Los Angeles County included serving the communities of Compton, Beverly Hills, Sylmar, San Fernando and Van Nuys, where he is currently assigned to the prosecution of serious and violent felony offenders in the San Fernando Valley. He is an accomplished trial attorney who has been recognized by Super Lawyer Magazine as a “Rising Star” in 2005-07 and 2009.

A fresh-faced and an accomplished Republican politician for Los Angeles and Ventura County is a noteworthy event. I suppose it is time for a new generation of leadership.

Zink’s LinkedIn profile is here.

Stay tuned as I cover California Senate District 27 which contains my home in Thousand Oaks.

Todd Zink and family (2008). Photo: Facebook


SD-27: California Assemblyman Cameron Smyth Declines a State Senate Run


Scott Wilk (Assembly candidate for Smyth’s seat), Lena Smyth and California Assemblyman Cameron Smyth

Looks like Agoura Hills Democrat California state Senator Fran Pavley will have an easy time winning re-election this November.

Republican Assemblyman Cameron Smyth has decided not to run for the state Senate this year.

Smyth had been mentioned as a possible GOP candidate to butt heads with Democratic Sen. Fran Pavley for a Ventura County swing seat, the 27th Senate District.

“I just felt the seat wasn’t right for me at this time – not the right seat, not the right time,” Smyth said.

The Santa Clarita resident said he has decided to return to his Southern California home and be a “better husband and better father” after he is termed out of the Assembly this year. He has three children, ages 8, 5 and 18 months.

Smyth, a government relations consultant before entering the Legislature, said he is not sure where or in what field he will work next year.

“I’m a conservative at heart and I’ve never expected to spend my entire career chasing a government paycheck,” he said.

The fact is with redistricting, this race would be tough for any Republican.

Here is the district map:

Around the Capitol has the breakdown of the SD-27.

Democrat Pavley is a long time POL who has been active in the newly drawn district for years. She has a ton of campaign cash. The State Senate District has been redrawn with a more Democratic Party voter demographic.

Is there any doubt why Cameron Smyth took a pass on this race?

Smyth is young, and experienced. If he wants more politics, there will be more suitable races in his future – like 74 year old Rep. Buck McKeon’s seat – eventually.


SD-27: Bob Hertzberg Decides Not to Run for California State Senate


Former California Assembly Speaker and L.A. Mayoral candidate Bob Hertzberg

I suppose the former Assembly Democratic Speaker did not want to go head to head against incumbent California State Senator Fran Pavley of Agoura Hills.

When Pavley decided not to move to her beach house in Oxnard and run in the neighboring SD-19, it forced a decisionon a race that Hertzberg did not want to make.

Senate leader Darrell Steinberg (D-Sacramento) had reached out to Hertzberg about possibly running for the seat, hoping that the more liberal Pavley would opt to run in a safer Democratic district anchored in Oxnard. But when Pavley refused to move, Steinberg announced his support for her.

“I believe the extraordinary challenges we face in California can best be met with big ideas and independent voices,” Hertzberg said in a statement bowing out of the race. “Pursuing a partisan campaign at this time would inevitably distract from my top priority — reforming our government to better serve its citizens.”

It appears now that Democrat Pavley will now face off against term limited out Republican Assemblyman Cameron Smyth of Santa Clarita since Republican State Senator Tony Strickland has decided to run for Congress.