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The California Flap: January 8, 2013


Mission San Juan Capistrano

The California Legislature is in session.

Today’s schedule is here.

The California Assembly’s Daily File is here and the California State Senate’s is here.

Some important deadlines to remember:

  • January 25, 2013: Deadline to send bill ideas to the California Legislative Counsel for drafting.
  • February 22, 2013: Deadline to introduce bills.

Each member of the Assembly and State Senate are allowed to introduce up to 40 bills in this two year legislative session.

By Thursday, California Governor Jerry Brown must submit his proposed budget.

Governor Jerry Brown will deliver his State of the State address on Thursday, January 24 at 9:00 a.m. before a joint legislative session.

On to the morning’s California headlines:

  • Robert Hertzberg endorses Feuer, leaving Trutanich – Hertzberg had previously endorsed Wendy Greuel in the mayoral race.
  • Jim Brulte For Chairman Of The California Republican Party – While he has not made a formal announcement of his candidacy, it has certainly been much talked about that Jim Brulte, the former leader of both Senate and Assembly Republicans, is seeking the Chairmanship of the California Republican Party. This is great news for the party, and for conservatives in California. I am very excited to endorse his candidacy, and will work hard not only to see that he is elected, but look forward to doing what I can to help make sure that under his leadership the CRP is successful.
  • Software update accidentially cancels food stamp cards for 37,000 Californians – About 37,000 Californians who receive food stamps are currently unable to access their benefits after their electronic benefit cards were accidentally cancelled on Sunday.Eighteen counties, including Orange County, administer the state’s food stamp program, known at the state level as CalFresh (and known federally as the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program or SNAP) through a computer application called CalWIN (CalWORKS Information Network).This past weekend, the primary designer of the CalWIN system, Hewlett Packard, sought to update some of the software, but in the process accidentally cancelled the benefit cards of tens of thousands recipients, including more than 6,700 in Orange County, said TerryLynn Fisher, spokeswoman for the Orange County Social Services Agency.
  • U.S. Supreme Court to hear Proposition 8 arguments on March 26 – The U.S. Supreme Court will hear arguments in the legal challenge to Proposition 8 on March 26 and then consider the constitutionality of the federal government’s ban on same-sex marriage benefits the following day.The Supreme Court set the argument schedule Monday in the unfolding legal drama over same-sex marriage rights. The justices would then decide the two cases by the end of the current term in June.The high court agreed to review a federal appeals court’s decision last year invalidating Proposition 8, California’s voter-approved ban on same-sex marriage. The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals declared the law unconstitutional because it stripped away a previous right for same-sex couples to marry in California, and Proposition 8 backers are asking the Supreme Court to overturn that ruling.
  • Brown fails to produce prison plan, seeks end of court control – Gov. Jerry Brown contends California no longer needs to reduce overcrowding in the state’s prisons.Federal judges had given the state until midnight Monday to file plans showing how California would meet federal caps on prison populations. Instead, in a motion filed late in the day, the governor’s lawyers asked the judges to lift those caps.”The overcrowding and healthcare conditions cited by this court to support its population reduction order are now a distant memory,” the state’s lawyers contend.

    The governor takes his case on the road Tuesday, with scheduled press conferences in Sacramento and Los Angeles.

  • The Republicans’ Asian Problem – Much has been made, both before and after last November’s election, of the serious problems Republicans have with Latino voters. GOP nominee Mitt Romney received only a pathetic 29 percent of the Latino vote, compared with President Obama’s 71 percent. The good news, I guess, is that Republicans are now publicly pondering what to do about their lack of appeal to this fast-growing minority group.The bad news? As we head into the next election cycle, Latinos are only the third-worst minority group for Republicans. They got nearly shut out with African Americans, of course, but the GOP has even bigger problems than among Latinos with the fastest-growing minority group of all, Asian Americans. According to national exit polls, Obama received 73 percent of the Asian vote, higher than among Latinos. (In the interests of full disclosure, I admit to having a personal interest in this particular subject as the father of a half-Chinese son.)
  • Darrell Steinberg announces CA Senate committee assignments – Agriculture: Galgiani (Chair), Cannella (Vice Chair), Berryhill, Lieu, Rubio, WolkAppropriations: de León (Chair), Walters (Vice Chair), Gaines, Hill, Lara, Padilla, SteinbergBanking and Financial Institutions: Hill (Chair), Berryhill (Vice Chair), Beall, Calderon, Corbett, Roth, Walters

    Budget & Fiscal Review: Leno (Chair), Emmerson (Vice Chair), Anderson, Beall, Berryhill, Block, DeSaulnier, Fuller, Gaines, Hancock, Hill, Jackson, Monning, Price Jr., Roth, Wright

  • Lawmakers return to work, get assignments – Assemblyman Jeff Gorell, R-Camarillo: Accountability and Administrative Review; Budget (vice chairman); Budget Subcommitee No. 6 (Budget Process, Oversight and Program Evaluation); Judiciary; Labor and Employment; Utilities and Commerce.Assemblyman Scott Wilk, R-Santa Clarita: Arts, Entertainment, Sports and Internet Media; Business, Professions and Consumer Protection; Health; Higher Education; Rules (vice chairman).

AD-38: Scott Wilk Wins California Assembly Seat


California Assembly District 38 election results

Election results graphic from the California Secretary of State

Got Wilk?

In the California Assemby that is..

Apparently so and congrats to my friend Scott Wilk!

These are unofficial returns which must be certified by Ventura and Los Angeles Counties by December 7th.

Here is a news story.

College of the Canyons Trustee Scott Wilk is headed for the state Assembly, capturing 56.9 percent of the votes in his race against Edward Headington in California’s 38th District.

Among his early priorities, Wilk said he wanted to find like-minded politicians on either side of the aisle who are willing to help him attack some of what he considers misspent funds in Sacramento.

“California has 12 percent of the nation’s population but 32 percent of the nation’s welfare caseload,” Wilk said.

With last night’s unofficial returns, it looks like California Democrats have captured a 2/3’rds super majority of Assembly members. Same in the California State Senate.

Good luck, Scott!

Your work is certainly cut out for you as one of the few Republicans remaining in office.


AD-38: The Signal Scolds Endorsee Edward Headington


Screencap of The Signal.ComThe Signal (Santa Clarita Newspaper and Website)

I wonder if The Signal regrets endorsing Democrat Edward Headington? It sure sounds like it in today’s opinion piece.

Edward Headington, candidate for the 38th Assembly District, has done something in the last few days of the 2012 campaign that is extremely misleading — and we feel he should be called out on it.

Headington sent out a mailer in the last few days attacking his opponent Scott Wilk. It’s one of those schlocky last-minute attack mailers with garish design, screaming headlines — you know those things that candidates do at the last minute to scare voters.

This particular mailer uses The Signal’s logo and gives the appearance that our company produced and distributed the mailer. This is not the case. We had nothing to do with the mailer. The Signal first learned of it Friday when a reader brought it to our offices to show us. We don’t know where Headington got The Signal’s logo.

When confronted about it, Headington apologized to us, saying that he used the logo to make sure that quotes on the flyer from a recent Signal editorial endorsing him were properly sourced (The Signal formally endorsed Headington in October.) He said he didn’t know it was wrong to use the logo. Headington owns a public affairs firm, so we find that answer unacceptable.

By this action, Headington sinks to the level of just your run-of-the-mill attack candidate trying to manipulate the electorate at the last minute. We’re disappointed in him as we are any candidate who stoops to such a level.

We feel that Headington has wronged The Signal, his opponent Scott Wilk and the voters at large by such a misrepresentation.

To set the things straight The Signal should repudiate Headington and endorse Scott Wilk, his Republican opponent.

This won’t happen because The Signal would have to admit they misread the Democrats character in the first place – which they did.

By the way, vote for Scott Wilk on Tuesday!


AD-38: Anti-Scott Wilk Website Makes Its Appearance


Anti- Scott Wilk Website Screen Cap

An anti-Scott Wilk website

An anonymous anti-Scott Wilk website has appeared.

A vicious and raunchy (probably not work safe) anti Scott Wilk website has gone live today, and it’s going to cause quite the stir.

The site, ScottWilk2012.com is a virtual clone of Scott Wilk’s real campaign website, Wilk2012.com. The layout, colors, design, and links are nearly identical.

The content, however, is not. The unknown author accuses Wilk of being a career politician, a “political opportunist” and a myriad of other charges. The author has also modified pictures of Wilk on the site. There is a lot of anti-Wilk content here to explore.

This site, devoid of any mention of Wilk’s Democratic opponent, Edward Headington, is just a tit for tat for the anonymous Really Patricia? website that was so devastating to his June Primary election Republican opponent, Patrica McKeon.

This looks to me like an amateur Republican type hit site, thrown together quickly, to lightly impugn, but harm Wilk later when he wins election in November and then decides to run for Rep. Buck McKeon’s seat, when Buck retires.

The content is quite humorous, especially if you know the back story and Wilk’s political history, but will have no affect on his campaign in this safe Republican California Assembly District. It is just too inside baseball and up on the web way too late in the campaign to have any measurable effect.

Except…. candidates will know that they must have a fast responding web presence to combat these type of efforts to slime them.


AD-38: Scott Wilk Hosting Republican Assembly Leader Connie Conway at Fundraising Event


Scott Wilk fundraising invitation for September 23

I received the press release for this Scott Wilk fundraising event the other day.

Make no mistake that Wilk wants to be associated with the GOP in this Republican majority registered California Assembly District.

If the GOP supports him (which they do) and the Wilk campaign turns out the vote, Scott wins.

Readers, Scott Wilk is a good solid conservative Republican. If you can spare a few bucks, head over to his website and donate what you can – or show up to this event!