Oct 25 2011

Mexico Consular ID Cards Now Accepted as Valid Identification in Sonoma County


Good grief….
In Sonoma County, a California driver’s license is accepted as valid identification — but so is a card issued by the Mexican consulate.

Mexican nationals will be able to give their country’s state-issued identification cards as valid ID to Santa Rosa police officers and Sonoma County sheriffs, the Santa Rosa Press Democrat reported.

The idea is to reduce the immigration-related duties of local cops, the newspaper reported. Accepting Mexican consulate-issued cards will reduce the number of people booked into jail for lacking ID, and ergo, will reduce deportations from Santa Rosa County Jail, the newspaper reported.

“Today is a great day,” Sonoma County Assistant Sheriff Lorenzo Dueñas said. “We’re now going to accept the matriculár consular ID.”

Come on now.

Either you are going to enforce the immigration laws or change the laws.

This selective enforcement of immigration laws by the Obama Administration Justice Department is a de facto immigration amnesty by the Executive Branch of government. California sanctuary cities are not tolerable, nor Constitutional.

If I was pulled over and was an unlicensed driver, all hell would break lose. But, if you are an illegal immigrant, WHO IS NOT SUPPOSED TO BE IN THE USA ANYWAY, can hand over some phony baloney ID card (probably forged) as ID and then will be let go?

No, something is wrong here.