Nov 03 2011

SB 202 California Initiative Law Referendum Effort Sputters


Unless there is a sudden infusion of campaign cash, it looks like organized labor has won this battle for the election calendar.

With the clock ticking, opponents of a new law limiting future initiatives to November elections have failed to raise the cash needed to qualify a referendum for the ballot.

About two months remain for opponents of Senate Bill 202 to gather the roughly 505,000 valid voter signatures needed to ask voters to overturn the law. Collecting that many signatures in such a short time frame has proven to be a costly endeavor.

“As of right now, there has not been enough financial support for it to really get off the ground,” Chuck Bell, the GOP political attorney who filed the referendum papers, said in an interview Wednesday.

Will it make any difference?

You bet.

The move to November only initiatives dramatically changes the demographics of voter turnout – towards the LEFT. Plus, it allows the unions to save their cash for large voter turnout elections.

This is the effort the California Republican Party should be pushing and not the redistricting for California State Senate districts.


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