Flap’s California Morning Collection: November 7, 2011


Mission San Francisco de Asis

The California Legislature is not in session.

On to today’s headlines:

  • California Politicians may get good fundraising news – The state Fair Political Practices Commission might have an early Christmas gift for some of the state’s politicians who lost money in accounts handled by campaign treasurer Kinde Durkee of Burbank.Durkee is accused of misappropriating hundreds of thousands of dollars, or possibly millions, from the more than 400 accounts that she controlled for some of the state’s top politicians.

    Among those affected are Sen. Dianne Feinstein, who is believed to have lost $5 million in campaign funds.

    Others, like City Controller Wendy Greuel, who had more than $500,000 with Durkee in her run for mayor for 2013, was among the lucky officials who did not lose any money, campaign aides say.

  • Two efforts launched to repeal Calif. DREAM Act – Total Buzz : The Orange County Register – Two proposed ballot measures seeking to block the California DREAM Act, which would provide financial aid to qualifying illegal immigrants, took steps forward this week.
    A petition for a proposed referendum by Assemblyman Tim Donnelly, R-Twin Peaks, was cleared for circulation Thursday by Attorney General Kamala Harris. Read the referendum and read the approved title and summary.
    Another proposed measure would not only block the state DREAM Act but would require fingerprinting for Medi-Cal pregnancy services, with fingerprint reports relayed to the federal Department of Homeland Security. The proposed measure was submitted Monday to Harris for approval so that signatures can be gathered. It is proposed by former state GOP chairman Tirso Del Junco, San Diego Republican Ted Hilton and Concord Republican Bill Siler.
  • 2012 Proposition voting will require a college degree; long ballot good for Republicans historically. – It will take a college degree to understand the Secretary of State’s voter information pamphlet for the November, 2012 election, given the partisan, pro-union move by the Legislature and the Governor to force measures off the ballot next June, and lump them all together in November.  But history demonstrates the crowded ballot really helps Republicans, whom demographics demonstrate are better educated and more prepared to comprehend the information and actually vote than voters registered in other parties in California.=====

    Most probably

  • Dan Walters: Profligacy persists in California – As recession lingers, the bipartisan history of expedient, irresponsible fiscal decisions continues to haunt the state.Gov. Jerry Brown, elected on a promise to avoid budget gimmicks, nevertheless resorted to a fanciful projection of $4 billion in extra revenue to balance the 2001-12 budget on paper – money that so far isn’t showing up and probably won’t.

    And he signed a bill that delays action on a union-opposed ballot measure that would compel the state to shift future windfalls into emergency reserves.

    Meanwhile, bean counters are projecting another multibillion-dollar deficit for the 2012-13 budget.

    The beat goes on.

  • An accidental social media phenomenon emerges from the Occupy Oakland general strike – Few people would know the name Spencer Mills or be able to identify his face.
    But tens of thousands of online viewers around the world would recognize his online alias, OakFoSho. Nearly 60,000 have tuned into his video stream of the violence that erupted after Wednesday’s Occupy Oakland general strike. Many heard Mills narrating in the early hours of Thursday while tear gas filled the middle of the city’s downtown district.
    That the images appeared jerky and blurry dissuaded no one. They could see the flames, the police, the protesters and the boom of the tear gas canisters exploding, all live. The experience provided a new twist to the old Gil Scott-Heron political song “The Revolution Will Not Be Televised.”
    Mills live-streamed with nothing more than a Motorola Droid X smartphone equipped with an 8-megapixel camera and Web access.
  • Fullerton officer charged in beating death gets big L.A. pension – Los Angeles officials are calling for a review of the pension given to one of the two Fullerton police officers charged in the beating death of a homeless man.Jay Cicinelli, a former Los Angeles Police Department officer who lost an eye when he was shot on the job in 1996 during a routine traffic stop, receives 70% of his salary as a disability pension. City officials approved the large sum because it was unclear at the time whether he could again work in law enforcement.

    But Cicinelli soon got a job with the Fullerton Police Department, where he eventually earned $88,544 a year on top of his $39,625 in pension benefits from L.A.

    The issue came to the attention of the Los Angeles Fire and Police Pensions Department after Cicinelli’s name surfaced as one of the six officers involved in the incident that led to the death of Kelly Thomas.

  • Presidents are bowing out at some Cal State schools – San Francisco State President Robert Corrigan decided this summer that at 76, he could not outlast a battered state economy that has forced deep cuts in programs and faculty at his and other Cal State campuses.
    In August, he announced that he would step down at the end of the academic year to return to research and writing, leaving worries about the budget to his successor.
    Corrigan is not alone.
    Long-serving presidents of four other Cal State campuses — Northridge, Fullerton, San Bernardino and the California Maritime Academy — also are retiring this year or next. The university’s leaders face the challenge of finding replacements during the state’s fiscal crisis and at a time when Cal State is also under scrutiny for recent hiring and compensation decisions.
    Searches are underway to find candidates for Northridge and Fullerton, with the Board of Trustees due to fill those positions by January.

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