Mar 08 2012

SD-19: Republican Mike Stoker to Run for California State Senate


Mitt Romney and Mike Stoker in January of this year

There has been speculation for many months that former Santa Barabara County Supervisor Mike Stoker would run for California state Senate. He announced his candidacy yesterday.

From the steps of the Santa Barbara County Courthouse Sunken Garden yesterday, former county supervisor Mike Stoker declared he’s running for the State Senate in the upcoming June primary race.

“The road to change the status quo in Sacramento starts here in Santa Barbara,” he said.

Standing in front of more than 50 supporters, Stoker also compared California’s debt-laden government to a sinking ship. (…)

After he finished reading from his prepared statement, Stoker passed the microphone to those who flanked him.

Among them were State Senator Tony Strickland and Santa Barbara City Councilman Frank Hotchkiss.

Stoker, a Republican, will face Santa Barbara Democrat former Assemblywoman Hannah-Beth Jackson and Oxnard Democrat Firefighter and Oxnard Harbor District Commissioner Jason Hodge in the June Primary Top Two election.

53 per cent of SD-19 is in Ventura County and includes the City of Camarillo where Stoker was raised and where his parents continue to reside.

This should be a very lively race, especially with the Democrat on Democrat machinations.