Mar 13 2012

AD-38: Democrat Edward Headington Offers Republicans in California Assembly Race a Challenge


Edward Headington

From the press release:

Edward Headington, a San Fernando Valley small business owner, has qualified to appear on the June 5th ballot as a candidate for the State Assembly.  He is running for the seat being vacated by incumbent Cameron Smyth and has issued a challenge to his primary opponents.

“I am excited to take on this task of getting California ‘Heading in the Right Direction,'” said Mr. Headington, a Granada Hills Neighborhood Councilmember and father of a toddler.

“For working families like mine, the partisan bickering has taken an awful toll on our schools, roads, public safety and the economy.  While my opponents are busy pandering to the extreme right wing of their party and taking pledges that will remove them from being relevant in Sacramento, my campaign is focused on problem-solving and creating jobs in the 38th,” Headington added.

“I challenge my opponents to visit every elementary school and police station in the district and explain how they will cut billions of dollars in the budget without impacting these basic services.”

Mr. Headington is the only Democrat in the race and is running against three right wing conservative Republicans, each from the Santa Clarita Valley.  The 38th Assembly District consists of the Santa Clarita Valley, Simi Valley and the Northwest San Fernando Valley communities of Chatsworth, Porter Ranch and Granada Hills.

“Having knocked on doors in dozens of neighborhoods-from Castaic to Chatsworth and Saugus to Simi Valley-these past few months, I can tell you that voters are sick of partisan pandering,” said Headington. “Voters want their legislators to focus on job creation and balancing the budget.”

A challenge?

Well, not really – but certainly a way to boost your name identification in this very Republican registration California Assembly district.

The answer to Headington’s challenge is fairly easy: support pro-growth economic policies, reform public employee pensions and cut state social welfare and prison spending.

A few questions I have for him:

  • Do you support Democrat Governor Jerry Brown’s tax increase initiative proposal?
  • How about the California Federation of Teachers/Millionaire’s Tax increase?
  • And, the Munger Tax Increase Initiative?